Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Vis a Vis

Vis a Vis: A body-switching alien turns up and switches bodies with Tom.

Paris is overhauling a holographic car? HoloDoc bitches at him for not keeping up with his medical education. Tom's more interested in waxing lyrical about his car. He's called to the bridge because of spacial anomolies. A ship turns up using some bizarre warp drive which folds space and looks like it's about to blow up. Tom says it could take out space for a million km around it.

Tom comes up with a stunning plan, which actually works. They beam the pilot, Steth aboard and engage in small talk. Tom then aids Steth in fixing his ship. When Tom isn't looking, Steth morphs into a woman briefly.

Tom then turns up late to dinner with Torres. She wants him to help her recalibrate the warp manifolds. Cor blimey! Tom and Torres argue. Alden senses this episode is going to be Tom Paris heavy.

Tom comes up with a cunning plan to fix Steth's ship. They banter about life on Voyager. I think Steth's interested in Tom's body. Oooh, look, a scene without Tom in it. Steth overrides Voyager's security protocols and downloads Tom's info from the database. Seven walks in on him and tells him off.

Steth switches appearances with Tom then zap him and returns to Voyager to pose as Tom.

Chakotay asks Steth (as Tom) about modifying a shuttle to use a similar drive to Steth's ship, then sends him to sick bay to help the HoloDoc. After a run-in with Kim, I suspect Steth is beginning to think being Tom is not all it's cracked up to be.

Torres find Steth practicing his putting in her quarters and is miffed. Steth starts sweet-talking her.

Meanwhile on Steth's ship, Tom finds himself in hostile territory with the ship's drive disabled. More ships turn up, and the owner of Steth's previous form turns up looking for his/her body.

Steth tries to take Torres on a picnic. She says she's swamped with work, and he snaps. Later, Seven turns up looking for Paris and finds Steth shirking his duties and reading Janeway's personal logs. He threatens Seven.

Janeway chews out Paris for his behaviour and tells him to report to sick bay. Tom Attack! Tuvok zaps him.

Tom and the real Steth turn up at Voyager. Janeway doesn't believe Tom's story, however.

FakeSteth takes Janeway's form and steals a shuttle and Seven. Tom manages to convince Chakotay he is who he says he is, and they go after FakeSteth. They manage to get all the bodies switched back. RealSteth takes off with the alien in custody.

Tom shows Torres his holoCar and then they done sex. The End

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