Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, the Omega Directive

Mere episodes from the end of season 4... :O

The Omega Directive: Voyager detects Omega particles and Janeway launches a super sekret mission to destroy them.

OK, so Seven wakes up and slinks about in the skin-tight catsuit she always wears. Then she goes and hassles Kim, who's playing Kal Toe with Tuvok (Oer!) and deftly wins his game for him.

Voyager drops out of warp and the computer flashes the Omega symbol at the crew. Janeway knows what's going on, but gives the old "I'll explain later" line. They must have detected the Hand of Omega! So Skaro's in the Delta Quadrant?

Voyager has detected an Omega particle. The Omega directive states it must be destroyed, but Seven says it should be harnessed. Seven says the Borg had a go at doing so with disasterous results. The Omega particle also appears in the game Star Trek: Armada.

Janeway wanders around organising stuff for the mission while the crew act peeved that they're not being told what's going on. Seven detects that there are a hundreds of Omega particles being detected, which means a shuttle mission may not be sufficient. Kim throws wild theories at Tuvok, who remains unimpressed.

After a conversation with Chakotay, Janeway briefs the senior staff. A particle of Omega was synthesized by a Star Fleet scientist but exploded immediately and destroyed subspace in a wide range, making warp drive in the area impossible.

Gratuitous reference to the Genesis device from the movies!

Janeway and Seven discuss how the Borg came by Omega. Voyager finds an M-class moon on which Omega is located, and a destroyed structure. Janeway takes an away team down, recovers casualities, etc.

Seven talks to the head scientist re the particles, but he's pissed off when she says she is going to destroy the Omega particles. Janeway find the Omega particles and says Seven's techniques will be needed to destroy them.

Seven talks with Chakotay re stabilizing the particles... They grab the particles and high-tail it outta there with two alien ships on their tail. Seven tells Janeway about her plan, but Janeway points out she's in charge. The aliens attack!

They jettison the particles and blow them up.

Ehhh, Seven's in the Da Vinci simulation. I though he sodded off to France. Must have come back. She and Janeway discuss Omega and then do sex. The end.

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