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ST:V, Unforgettable - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2005-03-20 15:40
Subject: ST:V, Unforgettable
Security: Public
Unforgettable: A woman turns up on Voyager claiming to know Chakotay, but no one remembers her.

Voyager is caught in a battle between two cloaked vessels. One is blown up, the other sends a transmission addressing Chakotay by name.

Chaks, Tuvok and Paris beam over and find an injured woman, who asks for asylum. She tells Chakotay she's met him before, but her freaky-arse species doesn't stick in people's long-term memories. Conveniently this also extends to technology. She fell in love with Chakotay while visiting Voyager a month ago.

Couldn't they, like, check their personal logs? I mean, even if there was a virus which erased all traces of her, there'd be a two week gap in the logs, etc...

Chakotay talks to the woman, Kellin, who tells how she arrived on Voyager to locate a fugitive and they fell in love. Chaks doesn't remember it.

More cloaked ships turn up and start shooting, but Voyager sees them off. Ha! Kellin drops hints to Chakotay that they done sex on her last visit. Chaks tells Neelix he's sceptical. Neelix suggests maybe it's his own feeling he doesn't trust. Maybe he's just on crack.

Kellin turns up at Chak's quarters and says if he doesn't feel the same way about her, she'll piss orf. Chaks tells her not to go, and she tells him how they caught the fugitive and then done sex. And then they do sex again.

Chaks and Tuvok decide to assign her to security. She, Seven and Kim attempt to work out a way to modify the shields against the Tracer weapons. Kim attempts to explain courtship rituals to Seven.

One of the Tracers turn up on board and zaps Kellin's memory. She no longer remembers Chakotay, etc. Chaks tells her about their romance, but she's resolute in wanting to go home. The Tracer plants another computer virus, and he and Kellin piss orf.

Chakotay writes a personal log using pen and paper. The End.
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