Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Living Witness

Living Witness: The Kyrians believe Voyager was evil and killed millions of their people... then a backup of the HoloDoctor turns up.

Oh, yes, Evil!Janeway. and Evil!Voyager crew. And Voyager bristling with guns. Fnar! Sexy! It's 700 years after Voyager, and we're in a musuem regarding some incident which took place when Voyager swept through.

In flashback, Evil!Janeway orders biological weapons used on the Kyrian home world. Evil Kim and Chakotay smack a prisoner around. Evil!Chakotay has a crap hairdo and a massive tattoo. HoloDoc is an android. Evil!Seven is still borg-ized and has a bunch of Borg backing her up. They overcome and assimilate some Kyrians.

Evil!Janeway looks like she should be hosting The Weakest Link. It's the hair. She shoots two Kyrian leaders when they refuse to surrender. Return to boring museum scenes. No! More Evil!Voyager!

One of the visitors is sceptical of the version of events. The curator (Quarren) says they've found a data storage device or something from Voyager which will shed new light on the events.

The device holds a backup copy of the HoloDoctor. HoloDoc is largely confused until Quarren explains. They watch the Evil Voyager crew simulations bicker and fight amongst themselves. HoloDoc is appalled at the recreation. Quarren is disturbed the HoloDoc disagrees with the Kyrian version of events and shuts him down...

Come on, more Evil Voyager!

Quarren and HoloDoc talk some more, and HoloDoc sets up his own simulation to show what really happened. They have trouble convincing people. The racial divide on the Kyrian home world is wide.

HoloDoc and Quarren try to extract evidence from a tricorder, but Kyrian radicals attack the museum, trashing it. Civil war ensues. HoloDoc feels if they delete his program, it will help stop the conflict. Quarren convinced him otherwise.

Then it turns out we're watching a simulation even further in the future, where it turns out their actions reunited the two races, global peace, rice pudding for everyone, etc, etc, the end.

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