Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Demon

Demon: Voyager visits a demon-class planet in search of fuel.

Voyager is running low on deuterium, so the ship is on minimum power. Funny, I thought it ran on a matter/antimatter reaction. Seven locates some on a class Y "Demon" planet. Chakotay say that's no good cause even going into orbit around such a planet would be dangerous. Wuss.

The first attempt to beam some aboard results in an explosion which disables the transporters. Kim thinks he can go down in a shuttle and mine it himself. Paris is impressed by Kim's assertiveness.

They land & go looking for the deuterium. In a cave they find pools of metal. Kim accidentally falls in, and Tom has to carry him back to the shuttle, but then they both collapse, le splat.

Neelix and some other crewmembers decide to doss down in sickbay, much to HoloDoc's disgust.

With Tom and Kim lost, Janeway decides the only sensible course of action is to land the ship. They get the ship down in one piece, at least, though Tuvok says they may not be able to take off for a while. Chaks and Seven set out to find Tom and Harry.

Meanwhile, HoloDoc is making life miserable for Neelix and so by singing and working loudly, until Neelix threatens to start singing Klingon opera. Ha!

Seven and Chakotay locate the shuttle, then after a mishap, find Tom appearently surviving without a survival suit. They collect Kim and return to the ship. HoloDoc happily expells Neelix and co from sick bay.

When they beam aboard, Tom and Harry start suffocating. They're beamed to sickbay, where HoloDoc supplies a suitable atmosphere. HD says the metal fluid has adapted them to survive on the planet, but this means they may have to stay there.

Chaks, Seven and Kim go out exploring again, while Torres and Janeway analyise the fluid and find it has organic properties. Torres touches some of it and it turns into a replica of her thumb.

Chaks and co locate the Real Tom and Kim, who (against all odds) are still alive. Fake Kim runs off before he can be beamed aboard with the others. Voyager attempts to lift off, but is sinking in a huge pool of the liquid.

Voyager attempts to break free using a nadium burst, but it hurts fake Kim and Paris. Janeway has fake Kim beamed aboard. FKim says the planet needs Voyager - the metal compound didn't have consciousness until it duplicated Kim and Paris, and now it wants to duplicate the rest of the crew in order to populate the planet. Janeway cuts a deal to supply DNA, and the metal slime lets them go. Voyager lifts off leaving hundreds of duplicates behind, teh end.

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