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ST:V, One - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2005-03-24 20:04
Subject: ST:V, One
Security: Public
One: When Voyager reaches a dangerous nebula, the entire crew apart from Seven go into statis, leaving her to run the ship with the HoloDoctor.

Oh, HoloDoc is attempting to help Seven learn tact again. Good luck, matey.

Voyager's about to fly into a nebula when the crew starts suffering pain and burns. Tuvok manages to back them off, but not without casualties.

The nebula will take about a month to get through and a year to get around. HoloDoc says they'll need to put the crew into status chambers. As HoloDoc and Seven are the only ones immune to the radiation, they will remain awake while the rest of the crew is in statis. Seven claims since she's neither human nor Borg, she'll be able to cope.

yadda yadda yadda, crew briefing, Chakotay arguing, crew go into statis.

10 days later: Seven wanders around monitoring stuff while violins gently play. She finds Paris out of his statis tube and unconscious. HoloDoc takes her into a Holodeck simulation to practice her tact some more. She tries to get the holocharacters to help her modify the warp field. She and the HoloDoc are having personality conflicts. The ship begins to malfunction, or at least reports malfunctions, but Seven find nothing wrong. Some of the gel packs have gone bad. While repairing them, HoloDoc's program begins to degrade, and they race back to sick bay. The mobile emitter is damaged and now HoloDoc is restricted to sick bay.

29 days later: Seven wakes and wanders around monitoring stuff. She begins hallucinating and deals with a trader who's very likely another hallucination. She attempts to hunt him around the ship and starts hearing the crew's voices. She hallucinates some more and attempts to fight the trader.

HoloDoc tells her she's hallucinating as the radiation is affecting her Borg implants. Seven confesses she was once seperated from the collective for two hours and is feeling much the same here. The EPS conduits overload and HoloDoc disappears, leaving Seven alone, much to her alarm.

35 days later: Seven hallucinates wildly. Borg drones and Voyager crew attempt to undermine her confidence. Voyager clears the nebula. Later Seven attempts crew interaction with more success. The End.
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