Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

Are you still up?


I also today got a hold of a copy of Doctor Who: The Aztecs, on DVD. Although I have not watched it yet, it sits patiently on my desk. At least now I can scan the cover to put on my web site.

Lord of the Rings, eh?

Brad Dourif's character looked like Ozzy Osborne... I kept expecting him to shout "SHARRRON!" whenever something happened to him...

The CGI, especially the tree people and Gollum, was fantastic. And the rest of the SFX were just as good. The battle scene looked like Peter Jackson had rounded up half the population of New Zealand... Crikey.

Oh, and then there was Glimli, the comedy dwarf. I kept thinking he was based on Brian Blessed's king from Blackadder.

Oh! and they played the trailer for the two Matrix sequels, which look way cool.

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