Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

Filim Meme

I tuned in to watch House today only to discover that TV3 had replaced it with Rugby. Bugger.

I got tagged for this:
1) Total number of films I own on DVD/video: 56
2) The last film I bought: The Incredibles
3) The last film I watched: Hitchhiker's Guide (in a theatre), The Butterfly Effect (on DVD)
4) Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me:
Transformers: The Movie
The Fifth Element
Dark City
ummmmm *flails* Galaxy Quest
5) Tag 5 people and have them put this in their journal: ummmmm.. *points* YOU!

I haven't written much here recently because no much has been happening. I have been watching the mountain of DVDs JeffStoat keeps sending me, including Wonder Woman (just finished season 2), Millennium (just started season 1), Mystery Science Theatre 3000, The Tomorrow People (about to start season 5), and I've got a backlog of a season and a bit of Voyager. Also I have other things I need to do which are hampering my inroads into the backlog, such as eat, sleep, and walk around occasionally.

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