Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

"Do You Want To Know A Secret? Meme"

Or I got tagged again

1) Which actor do you secretly think is a hottie?

I now have sekret love for Billie Piper, and it's all Russell T Davies' fault *is sad*. HE WILL PAY!

2) Which singer/musician do you secretly lust after?


OMG Sekret lust for Gwen Stefani! *runs away*

... what?

3) The TV show you secretly loved?

I was sorta, um, addicted to Charmed for a bit, but TV3 keeps moving it around and I lost track.

4) Which horrible movie did you love anyway?

Batman and Robin.

It has so much wrong with it, but is fun despite it. We have:
The worst Mr Freeze ever - Arnold cracking as many bad "ice" puns as they could come up with.
George Clooney almost but not quite reaching Adam West quality Batmaning.
Alicia Silverstone in a school uniformas Batgirl.
Poison Ivy, because you have to have two Batman villians per film.
Bane, because three Batman villians make it extra good, of course.
More insanely unrealistic stunts than you can fling a batarang at.

5) Which really bad song do you secretly love?

Bad's such a subjective term. Bad by who's standards? Random teenager off the street would probably think most of my music was bad.

6) That thing you are ashamed you were too scared to do?

Many many years ago I completely failed to go down a water slide. This was sometime in my teenage years. Sad, but true.

7) The thing you were to afraid to ask your parents?

Cryptic. Nope, no idea what this question is getting at.

8) The sappy secret pet name you gave someone/something?

Can't recall ever doing this...

9) The thing you did in the name of fandom, that you are embarrassed to admit?

So many bad things. Probably, uh, wot I had published in TSV 33: "Nedla Quest", may it never see the light of day again.

10) The really big secret that no one knows, but you wish they did?

I have no big secrets I wish other people knew.

11) Someone you *really* want to see do this meme?

See, the problem with this sorta question is I can never remember which people on my flist do memes and which people think they're a waste of bandwidth.

Also all those questions about secret people you lust after - now I've posted them in an LJ entry, they're not really secrets any more...

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