Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Night

And the menu de jour is... the Delta Flier! Pretty much anything is better than the season 2 menus.

Night: While travelling through a huge void, Voyager suddenly loses power and is attacked by aliens.

Ohhhhh, it's Paris' Captain Proton sim. Hmm, if Paris is Captain Proton, does that make Harry the comedy sidekick? "Satan's Robot Conquers the World". Hahahahahaha!

They're two months into a trip across a completely dark region of space. I guess it's better than the toxic nebular they went through at the end of last season...

Neelix makes valid workable suggestions! Then points out Janeway seems to have locked herself away. With only two holodecks, it's amazing anyone on the crew is able to use them as much as they do.

Tom and B'Elanna fight, but are interrupted by Neelix who promptly starts hyperventilating. HoloDoc says he has a fear of nothingness.

Seven finds Tuvok meditating in Astrometrics and suggests he gets a Borg implant so he can regenerate.

Janeway is in her quarters beating herself up over stranding them in the Delta Quadrant. Time to replicate her some prozac.

Harry's writing concertos on the bridge. The crew is obviously slowly going mad. To prove my theory, Paris is attempting to interest Seven in his Captain Proton program.

Yay! Total power loss! *waits for the crew to start freaking out* Uh, if there's a total power loss, shouldn't the holodeck be offline? Harry discovers they've hit a dampening field. Aliens start appearing on the ship, prompting Janeway to reappear.

Aha! Some Malon dude turn up and fends off the other aliens, then offers to lead Voyager to a wormhole or whatever. Janeway wants to know what's going on. The Malon won't tell them and fugs off.

HoloDoc says the alien they captures is suffering theta radiation poisoning. The alien explains that the Malon have been dumping their toxic waste in their territory. They return the alien to his people.

Chakotay and Torres show the Malon a clean way of using antimatter, but he's unimpressed. Janeway has a way to close the spacial vortex the Malon is using to get to his dumping site, but it would cut off their short cut. Her plan is that she will stay behind in a shuttle and destroy the vortex while Voyager sails through it, however the crew refuses to go along with it.

The new plan is to drop torpedoes at the mouth of the vortex and ride the shockwave through. Which... they pretty much do, and come out of the void. Teh end.

No... I think this *was* better when I watched it drunk. :P
Tags: star trek: voyager

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