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ST:V, Drone - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2005-06-12 19:28
Subject: ST:V, Drone
Security: Public
Tags:star trek: voyager
I still have some problems with Night: How did an alien species evolve in a total void? What did it evolve from? Where did they get the stuff to make their spaceships? What do they live on? etc, etc, etc...

Drone: A transporter accident creates SuperBorg!

The HoloDoc catches Seven trying to make facial expressions again. Hahaha!

"The Borg, party poopers of the galaxy."

Torres is complaining about the size of the shuttle. Seven suggests designing a new one. I sense an upcoming Delta Flyer. The emergency beam-out after the inevitable shuttle disaster damages the HoloDoc's mobile emitter. How many shuttles have they lost now? Must be a least a dozen...

HoloDoc now gets to be insufferable and bug Torres in the shower, apparently. "Is it fixed yet?"

Eeek, the nameless engineer got zapped! They detect Borg on board, and send Tuvok and Seven to investigate.... So Seven's nanites got in the mobile emitter during the transport. Sorta like "The Fly" then? Green Borg beh beh! And now, beh beh cam.

Janeway wants to let the drone mature and keep it from communicating with the collective so they can make it another pet... Seven thinks it's too risky. Janeway is captain, so she wins by default.

The Borg pops out and Seven interfaces with it. This does not go well. They give it some data nodes full of knowledge instead.

Neelix and the drone stroll through the ship discussing life. Later, Seven and the drone make fun of Torres. The drone introduces itself to Janeway as "One". The episode increasingly reminds me of "Tuvix". Seven is worried One might be tempted to go find the Borg.

While regenerating, One's proximity signal sends a message to the Borg. They show One data on the Borg, then a sphere turns up. dun dun dun duuuuuuun!

One hooks up to the computers and attempts to hold off the Borg attack. He then beams onto the sphere, kicks Borg butt, and steers the sphere into the nearby nebula, destroying it. Voyager beams him aboard, but his organic parts are damaged. He prevents the HoloDoc from operating because the Borg will just come after him again, and expires. Seven is depressed. Teh End.
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