Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Extreme Risk

Extreme Risk: While the crew races to build the Delta Flyer so they can retrieve a lost probe, Torres is very depressed.

Torres doing extreeeeeeeeeeme sports with the safety protocols turned off. Unfortunately she's interrupted by Chakotay.

Malon are trying to nick one of Voyager's probes. Janeway steers it into a gas giant, the Malon vessel follows it in and exploded. The Malon are not the brightest sparks, evidently. The probe is now stuck in the gas giant.

Paris takes the opportunity to push for his delta flyer design. Tom evidently has untapped engineering and design skills. Torres is oddly not keen on helping. Or hanging out with Tom. Tom becomes concerned, but she's not talking. OMG, Tom is so the woman in that relationship. "We don't communicate!" Torres goes off to play on the holodeck with the safety protocols off again, and beats up Cardassians.

More Malon turn up, dumping theta radiation. Are all Malon in the garbage disposal industry? Evidently. Janeway tells them to get lost, but, of course, they don't.

Am now convinced Torres is on drugs. She visits Neelix who says business is slow with all the people working on the flyer (I counted four earlier). Torres asks for banana pancakes. Knowing Neelix, he'll... oh, he's replicating them. They should be safe in that case. Neelix becomes worried she's on drugs.

Seven reports the Malon are building a shuttle to retrieve the probe, and will complete their shuttle before the flyer is ready.

Torres runs a test on the holodeck to see if the flyer will have hull-breaches. She turns the safety protocols off. , gets knocked out, and the hull breaches. Chakotay finds her and takes her to sick bay, where Janeway lectures her.

Chakotay finds Torres rigged a simulation to watch their Maqui friends die. They have a touchy-feely discussion, which is interrupted by the Malon attacking Voyager so they can launch their shuttle. Janeway decides to launch the flier *now*, and sends Chakotay to help, but Torres insists on going instead.

After retrieving the probe, the Flyer sustains a hull breach, which Torres seals with some ingenious work. Then she goes and has some banana pancakes. Teh end.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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