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ST:V, In The Flesh - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2005-06-14 20:46
Subject: ST:V, In The Flesh
Security: Public
Tags:star trek: voyager
In the Flesh: Voyager finds a simulation of Starfleet academy.

Chakotay is taking pictures with what looks like an extremely chunky camera. Surely by the future they should have hi-res cameras which fit in their com badges.

Chaks chats with Boothby. Ray Walston died, I think. Yes, 2001. Later he chats up an elegible looking woman who complains about how alien it is being human. Tuvok turns up and interrupts the flirting. They head back for the transporter point, but are interrupted by an ensign, who they promptly nerve pinch and kidnap.

Interrogation time! Unfortunately the ensign kills himself with some sort of poison. Feh. HoloDoc uses a chemical to reveal the dead ensign is a member of Species 8472. Hmm, the habitat looks nothing like established Species 8472 tech. It's all technological and non-organic.

Chakotay suggests he goes back for his date and hawt alien sex while Janeway prepares for a possible conflict. HoloDoc is scanning the whole crew in case they have an imposter on board.

"Do you always arm yourself before a first date?" "You've never dated Species 8472." and then "I've always wondered what it'd be like to date an alien." Kim, you kinky fellow.

HoloDoc and Seven test the nanoprobes on the dead S8472, then they debate whether diplomacy is possible.

Chaks and his date hit a Vulcan nightclub. It's "Pon Farr Night". That sounds... interesting. Later they go back to her apartment for hawt sex and drink water. Wooo, HARDCORE! Then they chat about the mission, and he tactfully withdraws before she can ravish him, though they get a snog in. Which in Star Trek is practically teh hawt sex. GET A ROOM! Unfortunately now the S8472 are onto him and capture him.

Voyager closes in, and Janeway and Boothby chat. They beam some of the S8472 aboard and chat at length. Yay! Resolution through diplomacy! Suddenly everyone's all chummy. Fastest turnaround ever! They should get Janeway negotiating with the Cardassians, etc.

Chakotay has one last snog and hawt sex with his S8472 girlfriend, then Voyager pisses off.
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