Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Timeless

Timeless: Kim screws up his sums, causing Voyager's destruction, but it's OK, cause 15 years later he gets a temporal device with which to fix things.

Hey, the blueprints for the Flyer showed it had extendible nacelles... They haven't extended them yet. I demand nacelle extension!

Right, what have we got? Couple of Voyager crew members exploring Hoth... and they find Voyager frozen in the ice. That reminds me of a shot in the Dreamwave Transformers comic, though that had Soundwave frozen under the ice... er, yes, anyway!

Ah, it's elderly Chakotay and Kim. They beam inside frozen Voyager and wander around a bit, looking at dead frozen crew members. Chaks beams Corpse!Seven up to the ship while Kim reactivates the HoloDoc.

Slo-mo flashback! They've got the quantum slipstream drive working, Seven is pissed on one glass of champagne, but Paris is concerned that the new drive is a disaster waiting to happen. They run a holosimulation and 23 test later find that the slipstream will invariably destroy the ship. Kim has a plan involving him on a shuttle ahead of Voyager to map the bumps. Janeway is confident that the trip will be a success.

You know, it's odd how they used the quantum slipstream drive for an hour or more back in Hope and Fear, yet suddenly they can't use it for more than 17 seconds.

Back in the future, Chakotay and Kim tell the HoloDoc it all went wrong and Voyager crashed, but now they want to send new calculations back in time to Voyager and prevent the tragedy. They get the HoloDoc analysing corpse!Seven's implants to hook them up to a Borg temporal device. Jeeze, future!Harry is a grim bastard. A Starfleet vessel approaches, while Kim works to send the message back in time.

Wooo, it's a Galaxy-class starship. Captain Laforge. Woooo! Chakotay attempts to keep them busy.

Meanwhile in the past, Voyager attempts the slipstream jump and encounters problems. Future!Kim sends his corrections back to Past!Seven, but the corrections don't work and Voyager is still destroyed. Bummer! Hey, that's some freaky good crash CGI.

The Challenger gets a tractor beam on the Flyer in the future. Future!Kim gets hysterical. HoloDoc suggests sending Past!Voyager a message to drop out of Slipstream. Kim uses the mobile emitter's power to send a message back just before the Flyer's warp core breaches. KABOOOOM!

In the past, the Flyer and Voyager drop out of quantum slipstream safely. Janeway later tells Kim that the transmission Seven got was from Future!Kim. Kim foolishly attempts to make sense of the resulting temporal paradox, then watches a video message from Future!Kim which explains everything. And, on that odd note, teh Enid.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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