Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Infinite Regress

Infinite Regress: Borg signals cause Seven to experience multiple personalities.

Seven randomly wandering around the cargo bay... then she goes to the mess hall and starts gnawing on stuff. Food that is, not furnature.

Meanwhile, Voyager comes upon the remains of a Borg cube. Neelix complains about the midnight snacker and says Tuvok has been unable to round up any suspects.

Naomi tails Seven inexpertly. Because she's trying to find out how to be perfect. Seven changes personalities mid-chat, and they go play a game. A message from Torres snaps her out of it, and she sods off to engineering.

Torres knows what a neural interlink frequency is, surely?! Seven switches to Klingon!Seven halfway through the conversation, and she attempts to have teh sex with Torres. Sadly, she ends up in sick bay, where the HoloDoc gives her some drugs. They realise a signal from the Borg debris is causing the problem, and set course to check it out.

Neelix enters annoying mode. Seven tells him to sod off, but he delivers a drawing from Naomi first. Hrm, a Starfleet ep was assimilated 13 years ago? That predates Q Who, surely?

In the debris field they find a Borg Vinculum which is attempting to reassimilate Seven remotely. They beam the Vinculum on board, against Janeway's better judgement, apparently...

Vinculum. Vinculum! What a word. Torres and HoloDoc start making jokes about Seven's sexing attempt, then they find the Vinculum has been infected with some sort of biological virus. Seven switches personalities and starts acting like Chiana. I mean, like a Ferengi.

Torres begins trying to disable the Vinculum, but it begins adapting and they have to abort the procedure. Voyager detects a vessel from the species responsible for the virus and heads off to find it. The aliens appear to wear TRON outfits. They're pissed off Janeway has the Vinculum so more Borg can't get infected.

Tuvok mind-melds with Seven, and tussles with her multiple personalities, while the aliens attack Voyager. Torres manages to power down the Vinculum, erasing the extra personalities. They beam the Vinculum into space and make with the warp 9. Teh End
Tags: star trek: voyager

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