Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Nothing Human

Nothing Human: When an alien chest-hugger grabs Torres, the HoloDoctor and Kim create a simulation of a Cardassian doctor who makes the rest of the crew uncomfortable.

Oh, the HoloDoc's slideshow is lovely. Meanwhile, outside the holodeck, Chakotay and Kim are in smug mode. Unfortunately for those in the HoloDoc's audience, a huge energy wave waits til after the show in order to hit Voyager.

Kim says the communications awway received a download during the wave. The audio component sounds like someone strangling a violin. At the point of origin, they find a badly damaged craft and beam the injured occupant to sick bay. The occupant then goes face-hugger on Torres. Actually, it goes chest-hugger - I guess it just fancied her a bit.

Kim and HoloDoc create a HoloExobiologist based on a Cardassian doctor. This doesn't strike him as an unwise thing, seeing as the federation was at war with them when Voyager left... Amazing how they were able to implant so many memories into the HoloCardy. Meanwhile, Janeway attempts to decode the tranmission, and Seven tries to download info from the alien ship before it explodes.

B'Elanna comes around a bit and is annoyed they have a Cardassian treating her. HoloDoc and HoloCardy replicate the Cardassian's lab on the holodeck and they experiment on a holosim of the creature. Meanwhile Voyager retransmits the signal to see if any other critters turn up. HD and HC dissect the holocreature and discuss removing the real thing from Torres.

HoloDoc and Torres discuss the Cardassian - HoloDoc wants to keep the Cardassian on as a consultant, but Torres isn't keen. One of the Bajoran crewmembers recognises the Cardassian as a mass-murderer who killed many Bajorans. Torres refuses to accept treatment from the Cardassian.

HoloDoc discusses the situation with the Cardassian, then the crew has an argument about ethics. Janeway tells the HoloDoc to go ahead with the Cardassian's help.

More aliens turn up and attempt to communicate, while the HoloDoc and Cardassian operate. They detatch the creature from Torres and beam the creature to the alien ship.

Janeway goes to talk to Torres, who is extremely unhappy, and the HoloDoc goes to delete the Cardassian, who first points out the HoloDoc used some of his unethically-gained medical knowledge. Teh Enid.

This episode was actually very good, though somewhat unsubtle at times...
Tags: star trek: voyager

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