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ST:V, Thirty Days - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2005-06-20 20:22
Subject: ST:V, Thirty Days
Security: Public
Tags:star trek: voyager
Thirty Days: Paris is bumped down to Ensign and confined to the brig for thirty days - here's why.

Thirty Days in the brig might be worth it just to get away from Neelix's cooking.

No such luck - Neelix brings in his cooking. Paris starts a letter to his father relating how he ended up in the brig.

*wobbly flashback*

Paris and Kim are playing Captain Proton again, with the Delany sisters. How does the holodeck make people look black and white? They're interrupted by Voyager's approach to a space-bound ocean - three ships come out, there is a brief and pussy confrontation, and then they make friends. Apparently the ocean is losing containment, and Paris offers to take the locals to the ocean core to check it out.

Paris, Kim, Seven and one of the locals take the Delta Flyer into the ocean. Meanwhile, the calculations done on Voyager indicate the ocean may lose containment within 5 years. The Flyer encounters a structure at the centre of the ocean, which Kim says is over a hundred thousand years old. The Flyer is then attacked by a giant creature...

Kim finds the reactor has been diverting power from the containment system to structural integrity for some reason. They give it some more power and begin ascending. Tom's theory is that the mining operations are interfering with the reactor.

*unflashback* Kim visits Paris. Apparently hair grows more slowly in the future, as Paris should have a pretty good beard going by now. *flashback*

The aliens get designs for the Flyer from Voyager, but the reports are likely to be buried in red tape. Paris is pissed off, but Janeway says the Prime Directive rules (except for those times when it doesn't, apparently). Paris goes and sulks in his Captain Proton hologame. Torres gives him a pep talk.

Then Tom takes the Delta Flyer and goes to blow up the refinery. Voyager's missile intercepts the one from the Flyer, however, and the Flyer is brought back on board, and Paris chucked in the brig.

*unflashback* Tuvok lets Paris out. Paris has about two days worth of stubble at the most. Teh End.
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