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ST:V, Counterpoint - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2005-06-23 20:32
Subject: ST:V, Counterpoint
Security: Public
Tags:star trek: voyager
Counterpoint: The Voyager crew resort to subterfuge in order to cross space inhabited by people who hate telepaths.

Oh yes, I remember this ep. Dvore inspection teams board Voyager to inspect for telepaths and otherwise act like dicks. They dress in all-black uniforms so you can tell they are evil, like New Zealand's rugby team.

*waits for the Dvore to finish acting like dicks and piss off*

*still waiting*

Finally, the Dvore piss off, and the Voyager crew rematerialise about twenty or so crew members and passengers. HoloDoc says that there may be problems with putting crewmembers back in transporter.

A bit later, Voyager meets up with the Dvore inspector in a scout ship. The inspector says he's defecting and wants asylum and transport out of Dvore space. He's a dick - kick him off the ship! But no, they listen to him and decide to attempt to find some wormhole or other...

The expert on wormholes they're looking for runs away. Voyager pursues and kidnaps him, then Janeway and the inspector goad him into telling them where the wormhole is. Janeway bonds with the inspector while they work out the co-ordinates.

Voyager attempts to sneak past a Dvore sensor network but is detected and hits maximum speed on the way outta there. The inspector nips off to rejoin the Dvore so he can aid Voyager from the other side (riiiiiight). He snogs Janeway on the way.

Voyager sticks the telepaths back in transporter status for the Dvore inspection. The inspector, of course, turns out to be EVIL! No, couldn't see that coming. No, sir.

Fortunately Voyager has performed a double-bluff and made the inspector look like an arse. The telepaths have escaped through the real wormhole in shuttles. Embarressed, the Dvore piss off again. Teh End
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