Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Latent Image

Latent Image: HoloDoc finds that someone has been tampering with his memory...

The HoloDoc is taking pictures of everyone. cue amusing sequence with Naomi. HoloDoc finds surgical scarring on Kim - an operation which neither of them remember. Must have been sleep-doctoring.

Why is Voyager cruising along at impulse? Surely they should be at warp. Ah, they're repairing the plasma relays.

HoloDoc asks Seven to run a self-diagnostic. Later she finds him in sickbay, but he denies all knowledge, and the scan of Kim has been deleted, as well as part of the HoloDoc's memory and images from the camera from the period during which the surgery took place. Seven restores some pictures and they find images of a crewmember they don't recognise. They then restore the HoloDoc's memory, and he remembers the death of the crewmember in question.

Janeway tells the HoloDoc to return to sickbay and shut himself down while they institute security on the computer. He backs up his memory before going offline - sensible... He find Janeway is the one tampering with his memory files.

Yay! Janeway is evil! I always knew it! He confronts her on the bridge. Janeway tells him that the events they wiped had caused a conflict in his programming, then orders him to sickbay and wait to be reprogrammed.

Seven discusses the HoloDoc with Janeway, who explains that the HoloDoc isn't sentient. See? Evil. Bigoted, anyway. Are humans not collections of cleverly arranged electrical impulses?

Janeway decides to show the HoloDoc what happened. [FLASHBACK SEQUENCE! WOOOOOOO!] If these are the HoloDoctor's memories, shouldn't they all be from his point of view? Kim and the missing ensign are badly injured by an alien weapon and has to choose between saving one or the other - he saves the series regular, of course, and the other ensign dies. The HoloDoc starts cracking up over the decision he had to make. [/FLASHBACK SEQUENCE]

The HoloDoc starts cracking up again. Janeway wrestles over whether to simply erase the memories again or not, and consults Seven. They decide on psychiatry. HoloDoc sits on the holodeck and rants while Janeway reads. Surely it'd be quicker to bring up SimFreud? She leaves him her book of poetry to read. Teh end.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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