Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Bride of Chaotica!

Bride of Chaotica!: Tom's Captain Proton holoprogram goes awry with wacky results. Can the crew of Voyager survive?!

You can always tell an episode's going to be a comedy when it's going a fecking exclamation mark on the end of the title.

Tom and Kim are up to chapter 18 in their Captain Proton holoprogram. I think the actors are really enjoying these sequences a little too much. Tee hee hee, Kim commenting on the sets. A tear in space/time appears, though it could just be marsh gas.

The rift appears to have knocked out the holodeck controls and communications with the bridge, as well as dropping Voyager out of warp.

Paris and Kim encounter some of Chaotica's men and promptly shoot them mid-speech. Best death acting ever. Tom organises a site-to-site transport to get them out of the holodeck. Two, er, blokes in 30s dress come out of the rifts and are captured by Chaotica's men. Chaotica kills one of the blokes, and the other teleports away with all haste.

Three days later: the ship's systems are still breaking down - they only have three working toilets left, and lines are beginning to form.

Voyager attempts to move out of the subspace region, but is unable. Tuvok detects weapons fire from the Captain Proton sim - he and Paris venture inside and find a battle has taken place. Paris repairs the robot, which reports they've had Invaders from the Fifth Dimension (theremin sting). They find the rifts are emitting photonic charges.

Chaotica is engaged in a war with the forces of the Fift Dimension. Tuvok and Paris encounter one of the aliens, who doesn't register them as life forms and is chased off by the robot.

The Voyager crew discuss what to do. It's decided they ned to help the aliens defeat Chaotica. This involves HoloDoc posing as president of Earth to talk to the aliens, while Janeway infiltrates Chaotica's base as Queen Arachnia. Vampish, much?

Yay, Chaotica has a Brain Probe(tm)! Janeway must marry him so he will drop the Lightening Shield(tm) so Paris can destroy the Death Ray(tm)

HoloDoc meets with one of the aliens and works out a cease fire so Paris can destroy the death ray. Janeway vamps about in Chaotic's throne room, and attempts to confront them, but is captured in some sort of force field, and Chaotica shoots at Paris's ship. Janeway, now tied up, uses her pheremones to seduce Chaotica's henchman and get the lightning shield down. Paris destroys the Death Ray(tm) and the aliens go home, allowing Voyager to continue on its way. Chaotica gives a melodramatic death scene. Teh End (?)
Tags: star trek: voyager

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