Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Gravity

Wait, disc 4 only has three episodes on it. Why does disc 4 only have three episodes on it?

Gravity: Paris and Tuvok become trapped on a planet in a subspace sinkhole, and Tuvok must face his lack of emotions.

Hmmmm, lemme guess, flashback to young Tuvok on Vulcan? Banished from home because he embraces his emotions. They managed to find a kid with a remarkable resemblance to Tim Russ, I must say.

Meanwhile, in an unrelated sequence, one of Voyager's shuttles crashes. Gosh, that was unexpected. Tom is confronted by a scavenger who steals his stuff. "First day in town and I've already been mugged." The scavenger is attacked by more critters, but Tuvok turns up and beats the crap outta them, then takes the scavenger, Noss, back to the shuttle.

More critters turn up, and they abandon the shuttle for a larger crashed ship. Paris repairs the HoloDoc's emitter and reactivates him. Fortunately he has a built-in universal translator, so is able to communicate with Noss. Noss says she's seen many ships crash, but none leave. They hunt for CGI giant spiders. Yum yum.

Noss is picking up English fast. She bonds with Tuvok. Paris discusses with Tuvok the fact that Noss clearly fancies him, but Tuvok is typically uninterested. Paris is unconvinced Tuvok has no feelings for Noss.

Back in the flashback, young Tuvok is explaining how he's acquired unrequited love. His Vulcan tutor is explaining how he must repress his emotions.

Voyager searches for the shuttle and is almost pulled into the subspace sinkhole. Another ship approaches and informs Voyager that they are going to seal the distortion tomorrow. The crew begin working feverishly to work out a way to rescue Tom and Tuvok. They establish that three months have passed inside the distortion while only a short time has passed outside, furthermore the sinkhole's on the verge of collapse.

Paris and Tuvok have been ambushed and Tuvok injured, but the HoloDoc says the injuries aren't life threatening. Later, Noss makes a pass at Tuvok, who says he doesn't fancy her back. Noss criz and calls him names.

The aliens start trying to seal the rift early.

Meanwhile, Tuvok does a Lion King impression. Paris tells him off for making Noss cry. Tuvok tells him about the flashback and his infatuation. They detect the gravimetric distortions from the aliens trying to seal the portal and receive a message from Voyager. Unfortunately the aliens are closing in on their position.

After a bit of scuffling durign which Tuvok rescues Noss again, they get beamed out. They drop Noss off at her home world, but not before she can have a tender parting moment with Tuvok. Awwwwwww. Later he mediatates and flashes back to the completion of his training. Teh End.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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