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Prime Press Pack + Weirdest Bug Ever - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2005-06-28 22:41
Subject: Prime Press Pack + Weirdest Bug Ever
Security: Public
Firstly, on my site you may now find Prime TV's Press Pack for promoting New Who. It's not in it's original form as I had to HTML it for teh Interweb.

Secondly, I've discovered a bizarre problem with my site. If I attempt to post to one of the NZDWFC message boards, and the post contains the text "lynx ", the POST results in a 403 (access denied) error. This goes for my Movable Type installation, and all the search boxes I have scattered about the site.

I've searched my configuration files and can't find any mention of lynx. I'm currently stumped.
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User: capriuni
Date: 2005-06-28 11:21 (UTC)
Subject: errr...
Sorry, but I couldn't help this thought that popped into my head: "Could Lynx be the new Bad Wolf?"

:::Cue eerie music:::
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Alden Bates
User: abates
Date: 2005-06-28 11:42 (UTC)
Subject: Re: errr...
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panther the Dragon: mokoto watching
User: panther3751
Date: 2005-06-28 17:35 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:mokoto watching
That's just the strangest thing I've ever heard.

How did you encounter this bug in the first place?
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Alden Bates
User: abates
Date: 2005-06-28 20:45 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Someone complained that when they were trying to post to one of the message boards on my site, they got a 403 error. They tried from several different IPs and with different browsers... After some testing, I got him to send me the text of the post he was trying to make, and duplicated the problem and narrowed it down to the phrase in question...

He was trying to post a message about how he'd found the "secret" password to the UNIT website using Lynx.
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