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ST:V, Bliss

Jeff hinformed me that the reason there are only 3 episodes on disc 4 is because Dark Frontier is in movie format and therefore counts as two.

Bliss: Voyager detects a wormhole to the Alpha Quadrant and prepares to fly through.

Yaaaaaaaay! W. Morgan Sheppard! Flying a ship into... something. Vaguely looks like the Doomsday Machine from TOS.

Meanwhile, Voyager has detected a wormhole - engage technobabble! Meanwhile, Seven, Paris and Naomi are flying about in the Delta Flyer. Paris is enjoying himself entirely too much showing Naomi how to pilot the thing. THey return to Voyager two hours late.

Seven is skeptical about the wormhole, though the rest of the crew is optimistic. Janeway says Seven is just uncomfortable about returning to the Alpha quadrant. Voyager is receiving letters from home - Janeway's SO has broken off his engagement, and Chakotay has a full pardon and reinstatement of his commission. I suggest they watch the Space: 1999 episode "The Bringers of Wonder" right about now... Seven's eyebrows are getting a workout.

She hacks into Janeway's log and observes the change from skepticism to optimism. Neelix hands her a letter from her aunt, and says Starfleet has appointed him an ambassador. Seven consults with Paris, but he too has been overtaken with optimism. She then talks to the HoloDoc and suggests he examine the crew for signs of tampering.

Voyager reaches the wormhole and manages to receive a picture of Earth and they prepare to go through. Seven starts running cans on the wormhole and detects an alien vessel. She talks to W. Morgan Sheppard who says that they're being decieved, and then tries to persuade Tuvok, unsuccessfully.

Seven finds Naomi hiding in the cargo bay. She finds the HoloDoc has been taken offline because Starfleet says the wormhole will affect his systems. Chakotay tells Seven they have to power down her Borg implants to avoid detection by the Borg. Seven evades them and with Naomi's help, beams to engineering where she shoots everyone and sets about shutting down the impulse drive.

Janeway sends a surge through the console, knocking seven out, and Voyager flies happily into the huge-arse creature. Everyone starts hallucinating coming-home fantasies. Suddenly, John Koenig ran onto the bridge and... wait, wrong series.

Tuvok's wife has the worst Vulcan haircut ever.

Naomi ventures out to find the crew comatose. She finds Seven, who comes around and says the hull is demolecularising. They proceed to astrometrics and scan the creature, then they talk to W. Morgan again, who is somewhat skeptical that Voyager is real. Seven beams him aboard anyway and he tells them all about the creature.

They reactivate the HoloDoc and set about devising a plan. HoloDoc brings Torres around, but she's too busy hallucinating. Seven comes up with a cunning plan. They beam W. Morgan back to his ship, release some antimatter, and he zaps it. Seven believes the creature has vomited them up, but it's another trick. They put out another antimatter burst, and this time it does vomit them up.

The Voyager crew recover and make with the confusion until the HoloDoc explains things. Seven and Naomi inspect a picture of Earth. Meanwhile, W. Morgan flies his ship back into the creature. Teh End.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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