Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, The Disease

The Disease: Harry Kim gets laid.

Hey, look, the Discovery. Nice zoom... and Harry Kim making out! Ah, the Voyager crew is fixing their engines. It's a generational ship and the people on it are distrustful of strangers.

OMG, Harry got laid. Typically, he's more worred about the fact he violated orders by having a personal relationship with one of the crew members. Tsk.

Voyager tries to give the ship a jump-start, but it all goes terribly wrong and they have to stop. Tom razzes Kim over the relationship, then Kim goes to his cabin and calls his new girlfriend while Tom goes and razzes Tuvok for a while.

Kim and his GF are having videophone sex, virtually. Tuvok's about to track down the transmission, but Paris manages to cover it up.

Kim attempts to ask Seven about love. This goes horribly awry, then Kim starts glowing. I bet he's pregnant. Seven sends him to sick bay. Maybe it's just a funky alien STD. Hee, he has to send Seven out before he can admit what he did to the HoloDoc. HoloDoc has to tell Janeway, of course, who tells Kim off. Oh, the glowing thing was some sort of bonding thing.

OMG, Neelix uncovered a security matter than Tuvok completely missed. They find one of the alien race hiding on board. The stowaway says he wants asylum, and is part of a movement who wants to leave the generational ship. Seven and Torres find an engineered parasite eating the hull of both ships.

Kim kidnaps his girlfriend in a shuttle, and they go sightseeing. Before then can have teh sex, Tuvok turns up in the Flyer and says his girlfriend is responsible for the parasite. She is a member of the movement as well. Janeway confines Kim to sickbay, and he delivers a speech about love.

The generational ship starts coming apart, and Voyager is stuck to it. Kim suggests extending the structural intergity field around the other ship long enough for the aliens to evacuate the affected sections. The generational ship seperates.

Kim says bye bye to his alien totty, and later refuses treatment for his condition. Janeway and Seven both give him pep talks. Teh end
Tags: star trek: voyager

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