Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, The Fight

The Fight: Voyager becomes trapped in a chaotic region of space, while Chakotay starts hallucinating.

Errr, Chakotay is making mental contact with some aliens. And a rare moment where the writers actually give Rob Beltran the chance to show off his acting skillz. Voyager is trapped in "Chaotic space". No relation to Chaotica from a few stories ago, I'm guessing.

Ah, Chakotay's trying to find out the way out from the aliens. [flashback to....] Chakotay in a boxing holoprogram. HoloBoothby in attendance. HoloBoothby says Chakotay should be letting his opponent hit him. WTF? Obviously I know nothing about boxing. The opponent knocks Chakotay out. HoloDoc is disapproving.

Chakotay is called to the bridge, and Voyager is eaten by the chaotic space thingee. Seven says only one Borg cube has survived an encounter with the chaotic space phenomenon. Later Chakotay starts hallucinating. He goes nuts on the bridge and Tuvok nerve-pinches him.

HoloDoc says one of Chakotay's dormant genes has been switched on, causing latent hallucinatory symptoms.

Voyager attempts to make its way out, and encounters another trapped ship with a dead crew. HoloDoc says they had hallucinations too. Chakotay decides to go on a vision quest....

He talks to his insane grandfather, then encounters the aliens who appear to know something about getting out of the region, but the contact is driving him mad. Janeway gives him a pep talk and tells him to keep talking to the aliens. Go on, give him a little tinfoil hat too.

Chaks starts hallucinating he's back in the boxing ring. Then training in various locations, while Voyager crew members act a bit funny. HoloDoc and Paris eventually snap him out of it.

Meanwhile, Voyager is trying to get out the traditional way. Paris outlogic's Tuvok. Ha! They're flying around in circles though. Seven detects a signal, someone set them up the bomb, which is causing the DNA problems. Janeway says to send Chakotay back into the ring. This makes about as much sense as anything so far.

Hey, HoloDoc's got a sonic screwdriver! Well, it's a tube-shaped instrument with a blue glowy end, anyway. He puts Chakotay under, and Chaks ends up in the ring again, fighting "Kid Chaos", who's full of stars. The aliens communicate via clips of Voyager crew members talking. Intergalactic movie editors! Eeeek!

Chaks nips up to the bridge and reconfigures the deflector dish, allowing them to detect the way out. Chakotay takes a few days off... boxing on the holodeck. Teh end.

That stuff with the boxing really came out of nowhere. Hidden character trait!
Tags: star trek: voyager

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