Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Think Tank

This one is, apparently, very bad.

Think Tank: When Voyager is threatened by an alien species, a Think Tank of really clever people turns up and offers to help, in exchange for Seven.

A blue alien! Talking to other aliens. The other aliens have stabilised blue alien's world, but the blue alien is unwilling to pay the set price, but the smarmy lead thinktanker threatens him and he relents. Oh, it's Jason Alexander.

Meanwhile, on Voyager, a bunch of the crew are addicted to wee puzzle devices. Seven's detected a planetoid with dilithium, but the planetoid destabilised and explodes, knocking out Voyager's shields. A Hazari ship promptly turns up and tells them to surrender. Janeway, however, comes up with a cunning plan involving explosions which works nicely, but there are reinforcements on the way. The Hazari apparently want Voyager so they can sell it or something.

Hee, Neelix suggests a caffeine hypospray. Janeway is up late trying to work out a new plan. Jason Alexander projects himself on board and smarms at her. He offers to solve her problem, and she organises a meeting.

Everyone is impressed by the think tank ship technology, and Janeway and Seven beam over. They amble about meeting the crew. Jason Alexander says they cured the Phage. Yes, they're that clever. Oooo, Seven is "interfacing" with the robot crewmember. Cybersex!

Later on, JA turns up on Voyager and says they want Seven as payment. Seven doesn't see a problem with this, but Janeway talks to her some more, and Seven decides to Look Into Things. She talks to JA, realisese he's a bit of a dick, and opts to stay on Voyager.

Two of the Hazari ships turn up and attack Voyager. JA provides information to drive them off, then claims without the think tank's help, Voyager will be lost. Thank Tank promptly sods off.

Voyager captures a couple of the Hazari and their ship via a cunning plan with fake Voyager debris. They discover the Hazari were hired by Jason Alexander. (Dramatic sting) Janeway teams up with the Hazari and they try to work out a way to attack the Think Tank.

Three hours later... Janeway decides they need to cheat, as Seven did with the puzzle. Seven is going to join the Think Tank and disrupt their telepathic communication thingee.

The Hazari tell the Think Tank they'll seize Voyager. Voyager comes under attack, but Seven jumps on a shuttle and nips over to the Think Tank ship. Jason Alexander smarms at her, and begins to catch on that there may be a trap coming. They decide to hook Seven up to the telepathic communications device, and Tuvok promptly uses the link to disable the Think Tank systems.

The Hazari attack the Think Tank, while Voyager collects Seven and sods off. Teh End.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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