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ST:V, Juggernaut

Oh noes! Impending 11:59!

Juggernaut: B'Elanna attempts anger management while Voyager attempts to avoid an environmental disaster.

Ooo, look, a Malon ship. They're forced to dump coretanks in an inhabited system cause they have containment breaches. And an actual character moment for one of the Malon too. I guess my previous assertion about the entire Malon race being in the atomic garbage disposal business was correct. I thought Voyager was going to phone the authorities with a cleaner solution in Night?

Tuvok is trying to help Torres control her anger (HA! good luck!) because she destroyed the HoloDoc's camera. Torres is unable to keep a straight face, and it turns into a therapy session, in which Torres relates a disturbing childhood moment. Tuvok points out she's easily provoked. Duh.

Meanwhile, in the A-plot, Voyager receives a distress signal and finds some irradiated escape capsules full of Malon., and detects their abandoned ship. The Malon captain says they need to get further away - the Malon ship will explode, taking out a 3-light-year area. He's unwilling to help 'til JAneway threatens to put him back in his escape pod.

Janeway comes up with a plan to shut down the leaks. Just send some red-shirts. Wait, Neelix is wearing a red shirt... Heh, Torres is snarking at the Malons. Chakotay tells her off.

Hahahaha! Neelix attempting to eat his own cooking. Ah, it's a theta-radiation remedy. Neelix is impressed Chakotay wants him on the mission. Paris gives Torres a pep talkto see her off.

The team beams over and starts work. Unfortunately their tricorders ignote particles in the air, causing a small explosion, but no casualties.

The Malon captain and Torres crawl down a tube. The Malon says their homeworld Malon Prime is quite lovely, because they got rid of all the toxic waste. Torres isn't impressed. Their decompression sequence doesn't work, so they send the other Malon up to look at the mechanism, and a monster attacks him and he dies. The Malon Captain and Chakotay go up to take a look.

Meanwhile, Tuvok says that the team isn't going to get to the control deck in time. Janeway has a plan B - nudge the thing into the nearest star.

Torres is starting to blister - the Malon says she's already received a fatal dose of radiation and needs treatment. She and the captain head for the infirmery. The Malon says onyl three out of ten core labourers survive a trip, but they get paid handsomely. Then he pulls out the scariest-looking medical device since the episode with the Cardassian doctor and sticks her in the neck with it.

Meanwhile, the writers have realised they haven't had Seven make an appearance yet, so Tuvok goes to get her calculations for redirecting the Malon ship.

The away team inadvertantly open the airlocks on the deck they're on and have to make a swift getaway, but Chakotay is knocked out. Torres signals Voyager to beam him back to Voyager, then argues with the Malon. Meanwhile - oh noes! The monster observes them from afar!

Tuvok thinks he should beam over and take command of the mission, but Janeway says she has faith in Torres. Torres and co reach the control centre. Neelix says they have ten minutes until the vessel explodes, so they set about technobabbling it.

HoloDoc tells Chakotay that the dead Malon was attacked by something, and they get Seven to scan for other life forms. The alien life form is, in fact, on its way towards the control centre. It attacks and incapacitates Neelix. Torres hits it with an iron bar, and realises it's a grossly-irradiated zombie Malon.

Voyager begins driving the Malon ship into a star. Torres attempts to reason with the zombie Malon, and then when that doesn't work, beats the crap out of it with an iron bar. Then Voyager beams the away team aboard and gets the heck out before the Malon ship explodes.

Chakotay congratulates Torres for keeping her temper in check, but she remembers beating the crap out of the zombie Malon. Teh End.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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