Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Relativity

Relativity: Seven goes back in time to prevent Voyager being destroyed, then she goes back in time again, then she goes forward in time, then she goes back in time, then it gets really confusing.

Shipyards... OMG, season 1 Janeway. She wanders around Voyager with some admiral. Are we going to see any of the dead crewmembers from the pilot? They interrupt Seven wandering around sans Borg add-ons, because this is another "crewmember travels to the past to fix the future" storyline...

Seven is wandering around scanning for a weapon. Janeway asks her opinion of the briefing room, and Seven says it's an "efficient design", which appears to be the highest praise she knows. Janeway and the admiral check out the HoloDoc briefly. Seven interacts with someone... I think that's one of the people who got killed.

Seven locates the weapon and starts disarming it, or whatever, but says it's "out of phase". Seven is beamed out temporally, but arrives dead. Dun dun duuuuuuuun! But this is a time travel story, so they just grab another Seven from the timestream.

Meanwhile, on Voyager, HoloDoc is treating Seven for some perceptual problems. Then Paris suggests she tries playing ping pong. HoloDoc then treats Janeway for space sickness.

Partway through the ping pong game, the ball freezes in mid-air. Impressive shot. There's temporal distortions appearing on ship - HoloDoc gets a message from Neelix seven minutes before it's made, and bits of the ship are in different timezones. Seven and Torres locate the temporal device, which only Seven can see. The temporal breaches begin to tear the ship apart, and Janeway orders an evacuation. Seven is kidnapped into the future shortly before the ship explodes.

Captain Braxton welcomes Seven on board the tim ship Relativity. They explain someone has planeted a temporal device on Voyager and they're trying to catch the saboteur. Gratuitous reference to First Contact!

Heh, Braxton complains about Janeway's reckless regard for the timeline. They beam Seven back to Voyager during a Kazon attack. Voyager fights off the Kazon, but the crew's detected Seven, and Janeway and Tuvok move to intercept! And they've got her! Score! They detect Seven's borg implants, and become uber-suspicious. Seven, however, gains their trust, and they set out in pursuit of the saboteur, who turns out to be Captain Braxton. Tilt.

Current Braxton is confused by future Braxton, who explains that Janeway ruined his life and he has to wipe out Voyager. One of current Braxton's crewmembers relieves him of command and sends Seven after future Braxton. Future Braxton and Seven run through drydock!Voyager until Braxton is stopped by force fields and transports five years ahead. She attempts to intercept him during the ping pong game, and then tells the past-Seven to apprehend him. The Voyager crew apprehend future!Braxton, and he's beamed back to the future. Then the Relativity beams Janeway to them and tells her they need to clean up the unholy temporal mess. Janeway agrees because her brain hurts.

Janeway goes back in time and intercepts future!Braxton before he gets a chance to do anything, thus preventing the whole mess, and then she and Seven get reintegrated back into the timeline. My brain hurts. Teh End.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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