Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Equinox, Part 1

I gave disc 7 a bit of a clean and it works once more!

Equinox, Part 1: Voyager finds another Star Fleet ship lost in the Delta Quadrant.

A badly-damaged starfleet ship limping along... They come under attack from flying aliens who portal onto the bridge and attack crewmembers... [cue title sequence]

Meanwhile Voyager receives the distress call from the Equinox. Janeway is confused as to why a science vehicle not designed for long range missions is in the Delta Quadrant. Voyager cruises over to check it out and adds the two ship's shields together.

An away team beams over and find the ship mostly deserted, and some odd engine modifications. They set about rescuing survivors and checking out the funky dessicated corpses. The captain says he doesn't know who's attacking them.

Later they have a funeral for the dead people, and start getting ready to fix the Equinox. One of the Equinox crew turns out to be Torres' ex - Paris claims non-jealousness. Chakotay bonds with a blonde who turns out to have turboliftphobia.

They work to come up with a defence against the aliens. Captain Ransome warns his crew that when the Voyager crew find out what they've done, the results may not be pretty.

Seven and co come up with a plan involving internal shielding, but it'll take 14 hours to set up. Less if they don't set it up on the Equinox, but Ransome isn't keen on that.

Naomi officially welcomes Chakotay's Blonde on board. Awwww.

The Equinox crew plot to steal some equipment from Voyager and pish off. Meanwhile, Tuvok and Seven find that the research lab on the Equinox was contaminated intentionally. They send the HoloDoc over to take a look, and he finds a dead alien. The Equinox crew has a converter to convert the aliens into a power source.

Janeway has Ransome arrested and chews him out. Ransome explains how on an alien world they found the means to summon the aliens and accidentally killed one, then found it could be used as fuel. Very Time Flight. Face it, when you hit on the same plan as the Master, you're in trouble.

Janeway decides to try to make first contact with the aliens.

Meanwhile, the HoloDoc activates the Equinox EMH who says Ransome deleted his ethical subroutines and disables the HoloDoc's mobile emitter and returns to Voyager to free the Equinox crew. They beam back to the Equinox (though the mobile emitter is left on Voyager) and knock out Seven.

The Equinox sods off at warp with the shield generator protecting them from the aliens, while portals open up all over Voyager. To Be Continued. OMG.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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