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ST:V, Equinox, Part 2

And the season 6 menus are Species 8472 ships. Are there actually any S8472 episodes in season 6? Nope...

Equinox, Part 2: With the Equinox fleeing, Voyager comes under attack from the aliens.

Last time on Star Trek Voyager: Captain Ransom and his crew are also trapped in the Delta Quadrant, however they have been using alien life forms as fuel.

Janeway uses a "deflector pulse" to reinforce the shields, however two of the crew are dead, and some injured. The Equinox still pisses off. Janeway unknowing reactivates the Equinox EMH from the mobile emitter...

Meanwhile on the Equinox, Ransom tells Seven she can either become part of the crew or stay in the brig for the rest of the trip. Seven opts for the brig. They take her to sickbay cause she was apparently injured, and find the Voyager HoloDoc in the database. Unfortunately for the Equinox crew, someone's encoded the power relays, or some such, so they delete the HoloDoc's ethical subroutines so he'll extract the necessary codes from Seven.

Er, surely deleting his ethical subroutines won't allow them to make him do anything against his will? And his liking for Seven would override any orders? Eh...

Meanwhile on Voyager, Janeway is attempting to communicate with the aliens. One of them pops out of a fissure, snarls at them, and then pops back in. Apparently that didn't work. Janeway's more interested in going after Ransom. Chakotay thinks she's on a vendetta cause he's a Star Fleet captain. She agrees!

Evil!HoloDoc prepares to operate on Seven, which will leave her brain damaged. Ransom asks her once more for the codes... She refuses, of course.

Voyager sets off in pursuit of the Equinox. Chakotay suggests going and looking for the original aliens, the Ankari who can talk to the fissure aliens, but Janeway's still more interested in trying to find Ransom.

Ransom is playing with his wee holodeck in a can thing and spots a woman. A couple of Equinox crewmembers are pottering about on a planet when they're ambushed by Voyager crewmembers. The EMH on Voyager warns Ransom that he's been found. And Tuvok should be detecting the security breach about now.... the Equinox goes to red alert.

Attack! Torres attempts to hack into their systems. They knock out the Equinox's weapons, and Ransom puts the ship into a dive towards the planet. Voyager's shield's start failing, and Janeway has to call off the attack. The Equinox pisses off while Voyager's engines are down.

Janeway and Chakotay interrogate the captured crewmen. That doesn't work, so they step outside and Janeway drops the forcefields around the cargobay to let the aliens in... Chakotay understandably thinks this is a bit extreme - he pops in and rescued the crewman. Janeway stalks off. They get info about the Ankari, but Janeway relieves Chakotay of duty.

They locate an Ankari ship and talk to them, then they get to talk to the fissure aliens, who want the Equinox crew to die. Janeway agrees to deliver the Equinox to the fissure aliens, much to Tuvok's consternation.

Meanwhile on the Equinox, Evil!HoloDoc still hasn't gotten to do the operation on Seven. Longest operation ever. Ransom is disturbed by HoloDoc and Seven singing together. He goes back into his beach holosim and encounters virtual!Seven. She tells him to quit it, and then turns into a fissure alien, cause that makes sense. Then Voyager catches up again, but Ransom says he wants to try and cooperate with Janeway.

Ransom's first officer objects to this, and the crew mutanies. They contact the EMH on Voyager to get Voyager's shield frequency and are able to fire right though Voyager's shields.

Ransom, meanwhile, contacts Voyager and says he wants to surrender the ship but is no longer in control. He says he's going to beam the crew to Voyager. Seven's beamed over safe and sound with the crew, and HoloDoc is returned to Voyager sick bay where he confronts the Evil!EMH and deletes him by computer.

The remaining crew on the Equinox attempt to make it to a shuttle but the fissure aliens get them. Ransom flies the Equinox away, immersing himself in his holosim as the ship explodes.

HoloDoc apologises to Seven for being evil, but she says his program had been altered, and also his singing was off-key. Janeway tells the surviving Equinox crew that they're stripped of rank, and will have to serve as crewmembers on Voyager. Then she tells Chakotay he might have been right, and they find the USS Voyager plaque fell off the wall during the battle. Wooo, a SIGN! How subtle.

Teh end.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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