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ST:V, Survival Instinct

Survival Instinct: Three ex-Borg who are inextricably telepathically linked attempt to get Seven's help.

Somewhere on a CGI world, a Borg sphere crashes... Borg wander around aimlessly, as Borg are wont to do. With no collective, Seven takes charge (this is presumably a flashback to her pre-Voyager days). Unexpectedly, the title sequence starts.

Meanwhile in the future, Voyager has docked at an alien space station. Chakotay has what appears to be a black bar with paddles attached to it on arms. The aliens are very gift-happy. Tuvok is unhappy (for a Vulcan) because of all the incidents), but Chakotay and Janway are happy to have met a non-hostile race for a change.

Awww, Naomi and Seven are interacting again. They fight their way to the mess hall. Naomi has been memorising Borg designations. Tee hee! Seven doesn't enjoy crowds. Is that a new outfit Seven's wearing? It looks sorta like the brown outfit only darker. Seven is approached by a fellow who has Borg implants to sell. The fellow appears to be part of a collective of three.

Back in the flashback, the Borg drones are beginning to regain their memories and individuality.

Yay, the three ex-borg are arguing telepathically! They're going to do something to Seven. Once Seven starts regenerating, their plan swings into action. Hey, look, Tuvok's actually detecting the security breach this time! Pity he can't be more specific than "a security breach is occuring". Mind you, Chakotay's no help either. The ex-borg do something to Seven while she's asleep, but she wakes up, and security stuns the ex-borgs.

Meanwhile, in the flashback, the Borg drones are eating fried beastie and still regaining memories. Seven starts to panic and tells the others to quit it.

HoloDoc inspects the ex-borg and says the surgeon who removed their implants was a quack. He says part of their organic brains has been turned into an interlink node, connecting them together. Er, how the hell is that possible? Organic tissue acting as a transmitter/receiver?!

They want to be disconnected from each other, and think Seven knows how. Seven says they crashed in a sphere 8 years ago. Seven says she doesn't know what happened but will attempt to retrieve the data...

The ex-borg tell Seven she should go by her real name, not her Borg designation. Er, wouldn't there be an effective range on the interlink nodes as well? They could just sod off in seperate directions...

Oh, and Paris and Kim have been involved in a brawl and gotten a bit battered. And gotten arrested. Janeway confines them to quarters.

Seven is disturbed that she nor none of the ex-borg can remember what happened on the planet. Seven thinks if she linked to the others, they might be able to restore the memories, but there's the danger she may become trapped in the link with them.

Aw, Seven and Naomi think of each other as family.

Seven links up with the other ex-borg and they have a group flashback. Borg!Seven finds a drone which dies. The Borg drones detect that the Borg have found them and are coming, but the drones don't want to be reassimilated. Borg!Seven is disturbed by this, and the others leave her alone to go hide. Seven tracks them down and reassimilates the other drone into a mini-collective.

Seven wakes up from the flashback to find the ex-Borg shouting at her. HoloDoc says if he removes the link connecting them together, they'll only last a few weeks, perhaps. The alternative is to return them to the collective. Seven tells Chakotay she did it because when she was assimilated she was a child. He tells her if they're returned to the collective, they'll survive, but they won't live.

Seven tells HoloDoc to terminate the link. He thinks her decision is self-motivated by her guilt. She pointed out he was allowed to become an individual, and the ex-borg should be given the same chance.

After the op, the ex-borg are very happy and sod off in different directions, except the female one who opts to stay on board Voyager for the time she has left.

Later, Naomi keeps Seven company in astrometrics. The End
Tags: star trek: voyager

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