Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy

Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy: Aliens spy on the HoloDoc's daydreams and get the notion to attack Voyager.

I can see where this is leading to... yup, HoloDoc singing. Meanwhile, Tuvok starts having emotional outbursts, and HoloDoc starts singing at him. Then they knock Tuvok out with a hypospray, HoloDoc finishes his song, and is subject to much applause. Then he wakes up to an irate Torres. I'm trying to decide if this is more amusing than Doctor Who and the Pirates or not. It's shorter, at least.

HoloDoc is miffed because he's not going on the current away mission. He sends a harshly-worded letter to Janeway. Also a nebula suddenly appeared near Voyager, within which a bunch of Sontaransaliens are observing Voyager. One of them, Phlox (no relation), wants to investigate further and gets permission from the high-ups to proceed.

Meanwhile, on Voyager, HoloDoc daydreams about the female crewmembers fancying him. And fighting over him. The other male crewmembers look disturbed. then he wakes up, and Janeway talks to him about his letter. He wants to be made an Emergency Command Hologram. Janeway considers... DENIED! Despondant, HoloDoc stumps off and has another daydream.

Phlox taps into HoloDoc's program and is able to observe "life on Voyager", or at least the HoloDoc's daydreams. He enters smug mode. The aliens discuss attacking Voyager.

HoloDoc talks to Neelix about daydreaming. Neelix thinks that dreams and daydreams are from a different reality. Riiiiight. HoloDoc daydreams about a Borg attack incapacitating the captain and him being forced to take command. As Phlox observes, HoloDoc uses the "photonic cannon" to destroy the sphere. Then HoloDoc snaps out back to reality and Phlox loses the signal. The aliens get the go-ahead for a stealth assault.

HoloDoc starts experiencing hallucinations as Chakotay congratulates him for destorying the Borg. He consults Torres, Kim and Seven, then the two women start fighting over him, and there's a warp core breach which only the HoloDoc can fix. The others have to wrestle him away from the warp core and drag him back to sick bay, where he hallucinates happily. That actually looks like fun.

On the holodeck, they find HoloDoc painting Seven nude. Then it switches to the HoloDoc taking command of Voyager. Torres is not amused by HoloTorres proclaiming her love for the HoloDoc.

Phlox starts having second thoughts regarding the attack - he's realised that he's been monitoring HoloDoc's dreams.

Torres manages to stabilise the HoloDoc's program, however he's distressed because the other crewmembers witnessed his daydreams. Janeway considers giving HoloDoc a command position. HoloDoc finds the hallucinations starting again, and see Phlox, who explains that he's been monitoring HoloDoc's daydreams and offers to help re the impending attack.

HoloDoc tries to convince the bridge crew there's an impending attack, and helps Kim detect the incoming ships. The alien ships close in, with Phlox becoming more and more anxious. Kim changed HoloDoc to command mode, so he can pretend to be captain...

The aliens begin their attack and demand supplies and technology. HoloDoc attempts to improvise for a bit, but the aliens knock out the phasers. HoloDoc orders Tuvok powers up the Photonic Cannon. Alarmed, the aliens retreat.

Later, HoloDoc is called to the mess hall, where Janeway awards him a medal of commendation and approves a project to look into his command potential. Teh end.

That was... amusing.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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