Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Riddles

Riddles: An alien attack leaves Tuvok with a massive personality change.

Tuvok and Neelix trapped in the delta flyer together. He does it to himself. Neelix, of course, talks all the time, while Tuvok wants quiet. Neelix suggests a riddle. Tuvok complains the riddle has no basis in reality and sods off to the engine room for peace and quiet, and is promptly shot by a cloaked intruder. Next time, Let Paris fly the shuttle.

HoloDoc attempts to treat Tuvok, and says he's got "severe neurological trauma". Janeway thinks the aliens Neelix was negotiating with might know something, and they send an investigator. The investigator says they were attacked by the Ba'Neth, a paranoid race who conceals themselves a lot, believed by many to be mythical.

Tuvok is still in a coma. Neelix wants to help - HoloDoc suggests external stimuli might help him snap out of his coma. Before long, sickbay is full of the sound of Vulcan monk chants. HoloDoc objects. Strenuously. But Tuvok awakens!

The investigator detects the residue from the Ba'Neth's cloaking device, which makes him very happy. Then they manage to produce an image of the Ba'Neth which makes him even happier.

HoloDoc says Tuvok's brain is rewiring itself. He's still barely functioning and unable to talk. Neelix takes him on a tour of the ship to try to jog his memory.

Seven and the inspector modify the deflector array to detect Ba'Neth ships, and discover they're surrounded by a veritable fleet of Ba'Neth ships. They pursue the lead vessel, but lose it. Finally, Tuvok is able to speak but is still somewhat unlike himself.

The investigator asks Tuvok about the attack, but he's unable to remember the Ba'Neth cloaking frequency. He and Neelix now appear to be bosum buddies. Kim and Tuvok attempt to play Kal Toe, but sadly Tuvok proves to be crap at it, much to his disgust. He looks at his star fleet records and is sad because he isn't that cool any more. Neelix isn't quite sure how to deal with a distressed Tuvok.

"How does one find something which is invisible?" Seven asks. Spray paint on it. Worked in Doctor Who. Neelix asks how they can help Tuvok. Seven suggests that he help Tuvok realise his potential with his new mind.

Tuvok gives Neelix a gift to apologise for shouting earlier, and expresses surprise he and Neelix weren't friends before. He and Neelix bond, and he turns out to have a flair for making desserts. Janeway appears to be amused, and asks about the shuttle incident again. Tuvok draws the frequency in icing on his cake. Yeah, except he didn't draw in a scale or anything. Still, they're able to derie the cloaking frequency from it, and locate a Ba'Neth space station. Janeway and the inspector bargain to get a Ba'Neth weapon so they can analyse the damage it did to Tuvok.

Tuvok, meanwhile, is listening to jazz and wants to visit Risa on the holodeck. Neelix breaks the news that the HoloDoc has found a treatment, but Tuvok doesn't want to return to being his old self. He wants to be able to have fun with Neelix. Oer. Neelix basically says he has to so Voyager could have its tactical officer back, so Tuvok goes to have his un-lobotomy.

Later, Tuvok drops by the mess hall his old self again. But adds to Neelix's earlier riddle in a most illogical manner, amusing Neelix. The End.

That was sorta a lot like Tuvix, really...

Also: Dear LJ. please fix tags with spaces in them. Ta.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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