Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Dragon's Teeth

Dragon's Teeth: While sheltering from attack on a desolate world, the Voyager crew find the remains of a species in suspended animation.

A city under massive bombardment... the population jump into bio-pods and go into suspended animation, timer set to wake them up in five years. They should talk to the Silurians about that. Bet their alarm doesn't go off...

Meanwhile, Voyager is, er, traversing an orange subspace corridor full of debris. They encounter a vessel who complains they've invaded the alien's space. The aliens kick them out, and Janeway asks if there's any chance they could use the underspace to get closer to home, but the aliens are more interested in wiping the info out of Voyager's computer. Janeway refuses to let them on board, and the aliens attack.

Voyager seeks refuge on an irradiated world, where they find the destroyed city. Kim says it was destroyed 892 years ago. I hope Voyager's shields are guarenteed against radiation...

Kim detects faint life signs beneath the surface, and Janeway takes an away mission to poke around. OK, the next time Seven says something is "efficient", I'm going to scream. She wakes one of the aliens, Gedrin, up, much to Janeway's annoyance. Unfortunately his wife didn't make it.

He tells Janeway about how the aliens in the subspace corridor, the Turei, ganged up with other species to attack them. The Turei start bombing the city from orbit again, trying to hit Voyager... Gedrin says there's a satellite Voyager can use in leu of sensors, and they see the Turei off. He tries to bargain with Janeway for help in exchange for subspace corridors no one else knows about. They revive the Vaadwaur en-mass.

Neelix talks to Naomi, who doesn't like the new aliens. Apparently some of them called Neelix names and said people who his planet looked funny. One of the Vaadwaur talks to Torres about Klingons. Somewhat disturbingly.

Neelix doublechecks the meaning of Vaadwaur in the linguistical database (The Voyager computer has info from linguistic texts from the Delta Quadrant?!). Gedrin is impressed by the spread of the Borg over the last 900 years as he and Seven attempt to find a new home.

Tuvok comes up with a cunning plan to attack the Turei. The Vaadwaur, however, plot to take over Voyager because all their ships are obsolete. Neelix tells Seven that in the folk tales of his people, the Vaadwaur were a menace who used their subspace corridors to launch lightning attacks.

Janeway talks to Gedrin about this. Gedrin points out they have a population of 600 and massively outdated ships, but Janeway's more worried they might try to take Voyager. She tells the Vaadwaur to deactivate the cannons on all but 10 of their ships, but the Vaadwaur refuse and launch ships to attack Voyager.

Voyager takes off, under attack, and contacts the Turei ships to tell them the score. Tuvok and Gedrin beam down and contact the satellite so they can help the Turei target the Vaadwaur. Voyager clears the thermosphere and warps outta there, leaving the Turei and Vaadwaur to duke it out. Seven says long-range sensors detected the Vaadwaur won and sodded off into the subspace corridors, then apologises for starting the whole thing off by waking Gedrin. Teh end.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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