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ST:V, One Small Step - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2005-08-14 19:15
Subject: ST:V, One Small Step
Security: Public
Tags:star trek: voyager
One Small Step: Voyager encounters the same graviton ellipse which swallowed an early Mars command module, and sets about attempting to salvage the module.

Back in 2032, a manned Mars mission mucks about in orbit. Something huge and yellow appears, then the title sequence starts.

Back in... whatever century it is Voyager's set in, Chakotay's experiencing computer malfunctions. He finds Seven enhancing the computer core with Borg modifications without permission. Then there's a red alert and a big yellow thing appears out of subspace. Seven says it's attracted to objects which emit electromagnetic fields, so they do some crap and it buggers off. Janeway says it's a Graviton Ellipse. Chakotay says an early Mars mission had the command orbiter eaten by one.

They decide to investigate further and send a probe in. Seven suggests using a Borg technique to dissapate the ellipse. The probe detects what might be the Mars capsule. Janeway decides to let Seven modify the Flyer shields and send an away team into the ellipse. That's sorta nuts, and Janeway has to talk Seven into helping.

HoloDoc gives Seven his camera so she can snap some pictures. The eternal tourist. She, Chakotay and Paris take the Delta Flyer into the ellipse. They fly around a bit and grab samples. Chakotay is having entirely too much fun. Paris finds the module, which is intact, but damaged. Chakotay wants to tractor it back to Voyager.

Meanwhile, the ellipse keeps changing direction towards a dark matter asteroid. Janeway tells Chakotay to get the frak out, but Chakotay insists on tractoring the module. dun dun duuuuuuun! The asteroid hits the ellipse and Chakotay gets zapped. Unfortunately now propulsion and shields are offline, and the propulsion can't be fixed. Uh oh! We's buggered now!

Seven bitches at Chakotay about him trapping them in the ellipse. Voyager makes contact, and they work on a plan. Why don't they stick spare parts in a probe and shoot it in? But no, Torres says there's a part they could use on the Mars module. They transport Seven over. Say, that's a most unconvincingly floating torch. She plays back the mission commander's logs while looking for the bit they need. After the log finishes, she downloads the database and beams back with the body of the Mars commander.

After working with the power converter, they start their escape from the ellipse. the ellipse, however, is disappearing back into subspace (oh noes!) but Voyager tractors them out. They give the Mars commander a proper "burial" in space. The End
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