Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, The Voyager Conspiracy

The Voyager Conspiracy: Seven goes Fox Mulder and thinks everyone's out to get her.

Seven's modifying the cubible to allow her to download data directly into her mind. Which is why she can't play games with Naomi. After this thrilling scene, we get the title sequence.

Janeway and Chakotay are having dinner. Chakotay imparts a humorous story involving a misunderstanding. Voyager: The sitcom!

Seven wakes up and contacts Torres because she thinks a couple of mating fleas are disrupting the sensor grid, using information from the reports she's assimilated. It turns out she is, in fact, right. Engaging smug mode, smug mode engaged.

Meanwhile, Voyager encounters a gateway in space being operated by an enthusiastic alien, who explains its purpose is to send ships across space great distances. He has the same problem as Voyager - lost far from home. Janeway offers to help fix the catapault in return for its use once fixed.

Seven assimilates some more data and says the catapault is the same technology which stranded Voyager in the Delta quadrant, and thinks that the alien is deceiving them. The alien says he bought the tetrion reactor, and Janeway is satisfied, but tells Seven to scan for caretakers in the area.

Seven thinks that the reactor may have come from the original caretaker and examines the records of the explosion. In the records, she spots what looks like a tractor beam. She grills Tuvok regarding the explosives he used to destroy the array. Tuvok is perturbed. She talks to Neelix about the caretaker. Neelix encourages her and ssays the sensor records on his ship are intact.

As they watch, the alien uses the catapault and is fired across space.

Chakotay is called to astrometrics by Seven, who tells him that Janeway and Tuvok stranded Voyager in the delta quadrant intentionally in order to establish a military base there. Seven runs though the evidence... She has a point about the tri-cobalt devices. She thinks Seven will use the catapault to bring in more vessels from the alpha quadrant. But the alien said the catapault would only work over a thousand light years, and it appears to be one way. Evidently Seven has not put as much thought into this as it appears. Chakotay isn't completely certain she's wrong.

The alien contacts Voyager and says he travelled 5000 light years. Chakotay instructs Torres to sabotage the shield emitters to give him more time to investigate. Torres thinks that Seven's theory is nuts. Yeah, go on, discuss it in Engineering where everyone can hear.

Meanwhile, Seven downloads more data and tells Janeway that Chakotay and co are aiming to resurrect the Maquis. She runs though the evidence. Deja vu! Janeway trusts Chakotay too much and says this is all very unlikely, so she runs through more evidence.

Janeway and Chakotay look at Seven's alcove and realise that they've been had. Kim reports Seven's sodded off in the Delta Flyer. She heads for the catapault... HoloDoc reports that Seven's overloaded her brain. BRAAAAAAINS! Janeway beams aboard the Flyer and talks to Seven, who says she's worked out Janeway's mission was to retrieve Seven from the Borg and return her to the Aplha Quadrant for dissection. Janeway has a theory (it could be bunnies?) of her own that Seven's just a wee bit confused and talks some sense into her. Then they both beam out of the Flyer. Er, shouldn't someone stay aboard to fly it back to Voyager?

Voyager uses the catapault to get nearer home, while Seven disassembles the alcove. Janeway and Chakotay have dinner again. "You didn't poison the coffee, did you?" "Not any more than I usually do." Ha! The End.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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