Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Pathfinder

Pathfinder: On Earth, Reg Barclay comes up with a cunning plan to contact Voyager. Will his boss let him try it?

Meanwhile, on the other side of the galaxy from Voyager, Deanna Troi is dropping in on Reg Barclay. Didn't he die or something? He gets her chocolate ice cream, so evidently not. And he has a cat named Neelix. That's mildly disturbing. Marina Sirtis seems to be lapsing back into her British accent a bit... Barclay says he's become obsessed with Voyager.

Barclay explains how he wanted to use an array of some sort to create an artificial singularity and goes on to have a flashback to him attempting to simulate a transmission to Voyager. Wee, gratuitous reference to DS9. Barclay's boss, Pete, doesn't think his theory is worth the neurons it was composited in. Pete tries to invite Barclay over to meet his sister-in-law. WTF?

He nips into his holosim of Voyager where he's apparently beating the entire crew at cards. Then he can't sleep, so he gets a massage from sim-HoloDoc and sleeps in sim-quarters.

Later on, they have Admiral Paris over, and Pete briefs him on how work on the array is going. Barclay attempts to explain his singularity theory. Pete explains that his theory is beyond their current abilities and gives Barclay the rest of the day off. Reg goes to the holodeck. In flashforward, Troi starts thinking that he might be getting a little too much into the whole Voyager thing. No duh.

Barclay talks over his theory with the sim-Voyager crew. Pete catches him and tells him off. And says he needs therapy. And takes him off the project. Reg goes to see Admiral Paris who says the sim-Voyager is a bit disturbing, but Reg pitches his idea again. Paris says he'll give the details to Pete, but that's it.

Troi says Barclay is a nutcase and needs therapy. Only not in so many words. She works out that Voyager is just a replacement family because he left the Enterprise. Cool, metatexual reference!

That night, Barclay goes back to the Pathfinder project HQ and breaks in. Huzzah for Star Fleet security! So that's why security on Voyager is so easily breached - SF security in general bites. Barclay starts buggering around with the Midas array. Jeeze, that console he's using looks like it was ripped from Captain Proton. Then he tries to use the resulting wormhole to contact Voyager.

Unfortunately then Pete turns up with security. Reg encrypts the controls and disappears into his Voyager program. Pete jumps into the Voyager program and initiates a warp core breach, then confronts Barclay on the bridge. Reg opts to end the program.

Meanwhile, on the REAL Voyager, Seven is informing Neelix he can't sing and suggests he sticks to singing in the shower. Then she detects the Reg's micro-wormhole and the incoming message.

Admiral Paris turns up at Pathfinder, where Barclay has to admit he failed. Paris is about to reprimand him, when Voyager's reply comes in. They exchange informations and reports, and Paris says hi to his son. After the wormhole collapses, Pete apologises for doubting him.

On Voyager, it's celebrations all round, and HoloDoc tells everyone Barclay's medical history. Grief. They toast Barclay, while on Earth, Barclay and Troi toast the success of Pathfinder. Teh end
Tags: star trek: voyager

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