Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Fair Haven

Fair Haven: You must be this Irish to be in this episode.

Paris and Kim muck about in a holodeck program of an Irish villiage populated by stereotypical Irish persons. HoloDoc skoots up on a bike, dressed as a priest and taking his part just a leeeetle too seriously.

Oh yes, this is the one where Janeway falls in love with a holodeck character, because it's OK for starship captains, but when Barclay gets a holoaddiction it's therapy time.

Later in the pub, Kim engages in arm wrestling. He's got some surprising arm strength for a techno-geek, and manages to win. Janeway turns up and complements Paris on the authenticity of his hologram, then eyes up the bartender before she leaves.

Seven's detected an incoming shockwave from a massive explosion from a couple of pulsars or something. They prepare to "batten down the hatches" as Janeway puts it. Neelix suggests to increase morale that they could keep Fair Haven running 24/7 and let people wander in. Janeway agrees, and wanders in to interact with the bartender some more. They play ring toss together (is that what they're calling it in the future?), then they arm wrestle. He turns out not to be well read though, and also married.

Paris asks Janeway about expanding Fair Haven into holodeck 2 (Why? The holodeck allows for infinite spaces, doesn't it?!) The oncoming shockwave appears and looks like cloudy fluff, but doesn't do a lot of damage. It'll take three days to get through though.

Janeway wanders back to the holodeck, and performs some editing on the bartender's character (I wish it was as easy to edit Unreal Tournament 2004!) and deletes his wife.

Tuvok starts feeling ill. He's sitting in the mess hall - he's probably been eating Neelix's food again. Paris and Neelix chat about blood pudding, which makes Tuvok feel sicker.

Funny, I could have sworn there was a scene where one of the holo-character commented on Janeway's uniform, and she realised she should have dressed for the holodeck. But no, she wafts in in Irish dress and interacts with the bartender some more, who's now very well-read and minus one wife. Chakotay interrupts them and tells them to have fun, though the bartender is bemused by Chakotay calling her captain.

Later on the bridge, they've detected a nasty incoming wave front or something, which Tuvok says explains his "space sickness". Paris cracks a joke about using Tuvok as a barometer. Yup, pin him to a wall somewhere. Chakotay is amused by Janeway's modification of the bartender.

Heh, traditional Irish dancing. Just in case you hadn't noticed it was an Irish holodeck program. Then Janeway snogs the bartender. Later on, Neelix invites Janeway onto the holodeck, but she sadly refuses, and recycles her Irish books.

On the holodeck, Paris observes the bartender sitting unhappily at a table and wanders over for a chat. The bartender explains about his brief love affair with "Katie O'Claire" and her disappearance, then ends up fighting Paris. Bar fight!

Later in the sick bay... Why weren't the safety protocols on, hmm? HoloDoc talks to Janeway re the heart-broken bartender and expresses concern about her feelings. Janeway feels uncomfortable about the fact she can simply modify anything about the bartender she didn't like. HoloDoc points out she can't really have a relationship with a crew member, so what the hey?

Voyager hits more turbulance and has to use secondary power to get through. Unfortunately they don't have time to shut down Fair Haven, so the program is damaged. Don't these people have backups? Paris talks to Janeway about recreating the damaged parts of the program and asks if she has any suggests about which parts from the original to save. She goes to the holodeck and talks to the bartender and gives him a wee kiss, and instructs the computer not to let her modify him any further. The End.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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