Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Virtuoso

Amazon are replacing the box set! Yay!

Virtuoso: The HoloDoc introduces music to an alien race who has never heard music before.

The Voyager crew are repairing a damaged ship, while HoloDoc treats the aliens, the Qomar, who are not accustomed to "interacting with other species, especially inferior ones". How wude. They've never heard singing before though.

HoloDoc cheerfully tells the Qomar about music, and they invite Voyager back to their closed system. They want the HoloDoc, so Janeway arranges for a recital. The Qomar are impressed, but apparently not with Kim's jazz quartet, until the HoloDoc joins in. Very strange aliens.

HoloDoc works on organising his first performance. Torres snarks. "It will be a triumph of -" "arrogance and self-absorbtion?" Ha!

Seven puts the ship on red alert - she's detected massive amounts of fan mail coming into the comms system, and mistaken it for an attack. OMG! The Qomar are DDOSing Voyager! Time to sintall some spam filters. Meanwhile, masses of Qomar have come aboard to see the HoloDoc. HoloDoc is selling holographic recordings of himself singing. Janeway expresses her concerns, and tells him to get back to sick bay. In sick bay, HoloDoc's ambushed by two young women who've feigned illness. Groupies! HoloDoc panics and deactivates himself.

One of the Qomar asks HoloDoc if he'll stay in their system and sing for them. Then she asks if he will stay with her specifically. HoloDoc hands Janeway his resignation. They argue, and eventually Janeway accepts the resignation.

HoloDoc goes around giving out goodbyes. Seven beleives HoloDoc just craves applause and fan mail. HoloDoc beams down to find that his Qomar fiance has created a more advanced singing holomatrix to replace the Doc. Oddly enough, HoloDoc is less than impressed.

Back on Voyager, he attempts to expand his musical subroutines, but doesn't have enough memory space, so ends up giving his farewell performance sans them. Then he's replaced by the new Emergency Singing Hologram which gets rapturous applause.

HoloDoc hands Janeway a request for reinstatement and apologises for being a prat. Seven hands him fan mail from herself, which cheers him up no end. The End.

And can that be the last word on the doctor's singing? Please?
Tags: star trek: voyager

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