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ST:V, Memorial

My car needs a new WOF

Memorial: After the Flyer returns to Voyager after a long mission, the away team begin to remember that they took part in a massacre.

Paris and Chakotay sitting in the Flyer, p.i.l.o.t.i.n.g. Kim complains about someone leaving a dirty dish in the replicator. ARGH! Oh, it's just Neelix. The Flyer's full of dilithium ore. They return to Voyager, where the HoloDoc is enthusiastic about giving them a physical check. Errrrr....

Torres presents Paris with a 1950s TV set, complete with onboard cartoons and adverts. Paris doesnt know about adverts? The lucky lucky man. And immediately Torres loses him to the TV set. Later on, Paris finds he can't turn the telly off (yes, a common problem) and then he sees himself on it.

Nope, don't remember this episode so far...

Tom looks perplexed, then finds himself in the telly programme. Luckily it's just a dream, and Torres wakes him up. Meanwhile, in a Jeffreys tube, Kim starts hallucinating. It's a shame the JT extension backdrop doesn't look more convincing. HoloDoc checks Kim out and doesn't find anything wrong other than some exhaustion. In the mess hall, Neelix is becoming near-psychotic and alarms Naomi. Chakotay is asleep and dreaming about Paris' war zone, until Tuvok wakes him as Neelix has gone nuts. Chakotay talks him down using knowledge from the dream-war.

In the sick bay, HoloDoc finds that the war stuff is real memories. They try to work out exactly what happened in the battle and when it actually happened. They flashback to the pre-battle briefing. At that point none of them had slept for days. They entered the village and were ambushed while evacuating colonists, and subsequent massacre took place. Kim remembers crawling into a system of caves and finding two civilians whom he killed in his panic. Chakotay says none of the colonists survived.

This is sorta a bit like Nemesis.

Paris angsts while Torres tries to cheer him up, but he's too busy being post-traumatic stressed that he yells at her. Chakotay, Janeway and Seven check out the Flyer's logs. Janeway starts remembering that she was in the battle too. OMG, memory virus! She yells at the CO in flashback while he vaporises corpses, then wakes up in sick bay. HoloDoc says other crew members are experiencing battle memories.

Seven gives Neelix a souffle. He asks her about how she goes on knowing the terrible things she did as a Borg - Seven says she has to, but the memories stop her from taking similar actions in the future.

Voyager reaches the planet of the battle and nips into orbit - it's uninhabited, but they detect a power source and beam down to investigate. With lots of guns. But fortunately it's still uninhabited. Kim and Tuvok find the cave Kim remembers and venture in, finding only 300-year-old skeletons, while Janeway and Chakotay track the power source... to a big war memorial. The war memorial is transmitting the memories throughout the system. They debate shutting the transmitter down, and Janeway decides not to shut it down and, in fact, repair and recharge it. Which they do. And then the episode ends.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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