Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
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ST:V, Tsunkatse

My car passed its WOF!

Tsunkatse: (Soon-kaht-see) Seven and Tuvok are kidnapped, and Seven forced to participate in Mortal Kombat.

Oh yes, this is the one with The Rock in it.

The wrestler that is, not the movie. Gratuitous casting stunt, OMG!

Sheesh, that must be the shortest Hirogen ever. Either that or the other fellow's tall. ROUND ONE, FIGHT! The Voyager crew are in the audience. Well, not *all* of them, I expect. Only looks like a small stadium. Oh, and the Hirogen won.

In an info dump, Janeway says she's sodding off somewhere and leaving Chakotay in charge. And Seven's assimilating the mess hall or something. Neelix is suffering from dual-sun sunburn. Er, can't the HoloDoc fix that? It's just a mild burn. Tuvok and Seven are sodding off together to study a micro-nebula, cause they're boring and don't like having actual fun.

Paris teases Seven about overpacking and apparently Torres takes a stuffed animal with her on long away missions. Then HoloDoc tries to interest Seven in a cultural tour, but she declines. Is this a pile of padding or what?

Later in the shuttle, Seven and Tuvok are ambushed by another ship which beams an explosive device aboard. Seven wakes up and finds she's been drafted into Tsunkatse, while Tuvok's been injured. The place is run by a Jeff Coombs alien named Penk, who threatens to put Tuvok in the ring unless Seven competes. Seven agrees on condition they treat Tuvok.

Kim challanges Chakotay to boxing. No, really. I think it's in jest. Meanwhile, Neelix seeks medical treatment due to an allergic reaction to his homebrew medication. Given the choice between Tsunkaste and accompanying the HoloDoc on a cultural tour, Neelix ops for the bloodsports. Enter The Rock. Can you smell what The Rock is replicating?

Chakotay and co are somewhat concerned, when The Rock's opponent turns out to be Seven. ROUND ONE, FIGHT! Chakotay attempts to arrange from a beamout, but it turns out what they're seeing is holograms - the actual fight is elsewhere. Seven loses the fight.

Back on Voyager, they contact Janeway and debate what to do.

The Hirogen treats Seven, who is somewhat bruised. Penk is happy because the audience liked seing a Borg get beaten up, and wants to enter her in a deathmatch. The Hirogen says he can help Seven train to beat her new opponent though.

Voyager continues the search for Seven and Tuvok. They realise the fights are being transmitted from a ship, and it's quite a lot larger than Voyager.

Tuvok's attempting a breakout, but without much success. Seven consults him re the upcoming match and whether she's capable of killing her opponent. Tuvok tells her to do whatever it takes to survive.

Seven enters the ring... and finds her opponent is her Hirogen trainer. The Hirogen explains he's tired of fighting and wants to go down fighting. Meanwhile, Voyager approaches the ship and Chakotay starts making threats. Seven and the Hirogen fight, while Voyager engages the Tsunkatse ship. They manage to retrieve Tuvok, but the section Seven's in is protected by multiphasic shielding.

Voyager changes tactics and aims for the transmitters. Just when the battle seems lost, Janeway turns up in the flyer and nukes the transmitters. As Seven readies for the killing blow (down, left, left, right, down, punch, FATALITY!), she and the Hirogen are beamed aboard Voyager, and Seven helps the Hirogen up.

Later, in astrometrics, Tuvok thanks Seven for taking his place in the ring. And says cause she feels guilt, she has reaffirmed her humanity. Being human is all about the guilt, baby. Teh End.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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