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ST:V, Collective - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2005-08-27 19:04
Subject: ST:V, Collective
Security: Public
Tags:star trek: voyager
Collective: The Flyer crew is abducted by immature Borg.

Gosh, with a name like that, could it be anything other than another Borg episode? Considering they were supposed to have left Borg space well behind by now, there sure are a lot of them around...

Chakotay, Paris, Kim and Neelix playing poker in the Flyer. Neelix is crap at it. Poker face, dude! Kim thinks it's a put on, and he's right, but Paris is distracted from revealing his hand by the massive Borg cube bearing down on them. Panic stations!

Wait, WTF are the Flyer's photon tubes located? Looks like they cameout of the cockpit! Also, the Flyer's big enough to have a Jeffreys tube?! The Flyer is taken on board the cube... Chakotay, Paris and Neelix recover in a cell, sans Harry, and find a dead drone - botched assimilation.

Meanwhile, Voyager is on on their trail and find the cube with propulsion systems offline. The cube fires erratically for a bit 'til Tuvok knocks out their weapons. Seven says there are only a few drones on board. The Borg want the Voyager's deflector dish to re-establish a link with the rest of the Borg, but Tuvok says without it they'll be unable to go to warp.

They send Seven across, and she finds many dead drones, and some Borg kiddies, and visits the captives, then takes a data node and a dead Borg back to Voyager. After analysis, HoloDoc says a Borg-specific virus killed them all. Tuvok suggests they could use it to "neutralise" the kiddie Borg.

Meanwhile, Kim comes around still on the Flyer, and sets about contacting Voyager. Hey, nice CGI cube interior!

Janeway beams back over to the cube with Seven and suggests to the kiddie Borg they could stay seperate from the collective like Seven. When they refuse, Janeway suggests helping them fix their ship instead. Kim contacts Voyager and Janeway tells him to blow up the cube's shield generator.

Seven engages one of the Borg in conversation and fixes his vocal modulator. But the leader kiddie Borg isn't happy. Later, Seven says the collective knows about the cobe, but regards it as irrelavant and haevn't sent any vessels to retrieve them. Sheesh, you'd have thought they'd at least salvage the cube. Janeway wants to help them become individuals, but Seven doesn't think they'll cope.

Kim marks his path with playing cards. They're not very obviously placed though. Better hope he's not in a hurry. Seven tries to convince the kiddie Borg to deassimilate themselves, then Seven attempts to help them save a rubber Borg baby, but they end up sending it to Voyager where the HoloDoc fixes it up.

Kim's caught by a kiddie Borg who followed the trail of cards. D'oh! The Borg think Seven doublecrossed them and demand the deflector. Janeway says they can't simply remove the deflector dish, no, not like they did in First Contact. Tsk. Maybe the Enterprise-E has removable dish technology? The Borg try to tractor it off. Seven points out to the kiddie Borg that the collective has rejected them.

Tuvok finds a shield hole they could use to deploy the virus, but Janeway hunts for a non-lethal alternative. They send a "feedback pulse" down the tractor beam and get Chakotay, Paris and Neelix out. There's internal conflict among the Borg, and the leader is killed by feedback from Voyager's beam. The other Borg lower the cube's shields.

Erm, so didn't they salvage anything from the cube? Like, say, a transwarp coil or two, like the one they used Dark Frontier to go transwarp?

After the HoloDoc removes most of their Borg implants, Seven fixes them up with active alcoves. Teh End
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