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ST:V, Spirit Folk

Spirit Folk: The Fair Haven program characters become aware that the Voyager crew aren't ordinary Irish folk.

Gosh, I thought there was a bigger gap between the terribly patronising Irish holoprogram episodes.

Ah, Tom's riding one of them newfangled automobiles. And he crashes it. Haha! N00B! Then the whiskery Irish bloke begs money off him and goes on about the queen of the fairy folk. Then the bloke sees Tom instruct the computer to fix his car, which, of course, holocharacters aren't supposed to notice.

Later in the pub, the hairy bloke tells the other townsfolk about it. The other's are skeptical, but start gossiping about the Voyager folk. Seriously, why an Irish town? Why not Welsh, or Scottish, or Klingon? Because they can't patronise the Irish as simple, I guess. Janeway turns up and the gathering breaks up so she can talk to her holo-boyfriend.

Tom catches Kim replicating flowers for one of the holocharacters. Torres says the Fair Haven program is an accident waiting to happen cause it's been running non-stop... Woooooo, foreshadowing!

Later, on the holodeck, Paris trails Kim and his beau, Maggie, while Paris is trailed by two of the holocharacters. At an inappropriate moment, Paris has the computer turn Maggie into a cow. The holocharacters observe with horror at the pair's attitudes. Tsk!

HoloDoc gives a sermon. "He's in love with the sound of his own voice." Ha! Christ, he's getting worked up. Then the two holocharacters turn up with MaggieCow. HoloDoc tries to explain it away and dismisses the mass. Maggie reappears at her flower cart, where the two holocharacters find her - she remembers the cow incident as a dream.

The holocharacter gather in the pub again and discuss the Voyager crew again. The bartender tells them off, and talks to Janeway later about the problems. He asks Janeway who she is and where she comes from, and Janeway responds by ending the program. They shut the program down and start repairing the systems.

Paris and Kim bring up the bartender character in the bare holodeck, and he is aware of his surroundings, much to their concern. They fix the damage, or so they think - the bartender acts as though nothing's wrong. They restart the program. Janeway to Chakotay: "I've got a boyfriend who malfuntions!" Hehehehe

The bartender confides in the Irish doctor about what he saw. Later that "night", Paris and Kim sneak into the pub to access the control systems hidden there, where they're captured a posse of holocharacters. The characters shoot the controls, damaging the holodeck systems... Who's bright idea was it to locate the primary holodeck controls *inside* the hologram?

Torres says they should just cut power to the holodeck. I can't believe this is the first time in any Trek series someone's actually thought of suggesting this. Neelix points out it'd delete Fair Haven though, and Janeway wants to try to avoid that. They send the HoloDoc in with his mobile emitter.

The holocharacters attempt to exorcise Paris and Kim. The HoloDoc shows up and bitches at them until they tie him up. They nick his mobile emitter and hypnotise him(!)... He tells them about Voyager and gets the bartender to put on the emitter, which then gets beamed to the bridge, along with one startled bartender.

Janeway explains who she is, and takes him on a tour of Voyager. Tuvok informs them the holocharacters are preparing to burn the prisoners, so they go to discuss the matter. Sorted!

Then there's some scenes with the crew discussing repairing the program, and them on the holodeck interacting with the characters again. Teh end.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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