Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Ashes to Ashes

Ashes to Ashes: An alien claiming to be a long-dead crewmember returns to Voyager.

Couple of alien ships, larger one pursuing the other... the smaller one disables the larger, then the pilot (who looks vaguely Delvian) sends a signal to Voyager.

Voyager coasts merrily along. One of the kiddie Borg answers the call, and accidentally cuts her off. Tuvok tells off the kiddie Borg, and Seven says she's having trouble controlling the kids. Tuvok presses redial and contacts the other ship - the alien seems rather too familiar with the crew. She tells Janeway that she used to be an Ensign on Voyager who died.

The alien, claiming to be Lyndsey, tells them how some aliens brought her back to life and turned her into one of them - it's how that species procreates. HoloDoc confirms she has fragments of Lyndsey Ballard's DNA. Janeway lets her out of the force field, and Kim gives her a hug - apparently they were close. Despite her not actually appearing or being mentioned before now. Kim says he's taken up the saxaphone now. What? When?

Seven takes the kiddie Borg to the mess hall. She's running them like a military regiment, to which the kiddie Borg rebel. Heh, odd that.

Kim and Lyndsey interact, and she asks about the eulogy he gave for her. Actually, she looks a bit like the same species as the Borg Queen. HoloDoc says there's no way to make her human again, but can make cosmetic changes to make her look human.

Hang on, this is the same guy who turned two salamanders back into Paris and Janeway. WTF?

She looks cute as a Kabali, anyway. Lyndsey tries Neelix's food and says it tastes metallic - I think she got off lightly. She also go to engineering and fixes some warp core problems, though accidentally speak Kabali in the process.

Seven tells Chakotay she wants to be taken off the kiddie Borg assignment as she can't control them. He suggests perhaps she's just being a bit too strict.

Oh, yay, Paris is going through the list of Kim's relationship failures. If I was doing a drinking game, I'd just have downed the bottle. Meanwhile, Lyndsey is looking more human, and has been invited to the captain's quarters for dinner.

Janeway has liquified pot-roast, so they have sandwiches instead. Lyndsey asks why Janeway chose her for the away mission. Then gets upset and runs out, and has a bad dream involving Kabali. She then talks to Kim about her alienation. Sheesh, she's been back a day. These things take time. Kim admits he loves her, and they snog.

The kiddie Borg are still being ornary. One of them makes a clay likeness of Seven. Hey, what happened to the rubber Borg baby they saved? Still in sick bay?

The Kabali turn up and demand Lyndsey back. Lyndsey talks to her "dad", while Kim gets a bit steamed. "Dad" says the process usually results in memory loss and she belongs with him. Lyndsey rejects him and sods off. "Dad" says he's going to come back with reinforcements.

Kim and Lyndsey talk in the mess hall, and Lyndsey realises she doesn't remember her real father. Then she starts reverting in appearance back to Kabali form - the HoloDoc says he'll have to increase the treatments to twice a day. Heh, Kim says he thought she was cute bald, but she thinks if she stops the treatments, she won't be Lyndsey any more.

She tells Kim she's going to accept her fate and rejoin the Kabali who, BTW, are attacking Voyager right now. Lyndsey tells the captain to hand her over, but Kim resists. She talks him into it.

Kim says goodbye to her, and she transports over to the Kabali ship. Later, he fondles her hair brush. And then gives it to one of the kiddie Borg. And then they go to sabotage Tuvok's favourite holoprogram. Teh End

Er, right.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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