Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Child's Play

Child's Play: Voyager locates the parents of one of the kiddie Borg.

Seven has the kiddie Borg doing science projects. Janeway says they've located the parents of one of the kiddie Borg, Icheb. With that stunningly suspenseful teaser, the title credits begin.

Still no mention of the Borg baby they recovered. Maybe Neelix accidentally ate it?

Seven finds Icheb in Astrometrics fiddling with the long range sensors, but she can't bring herself to tell him they've found his parents. Seven and Janeway discuss telling him.

If he needs a Borg alcove to regenerate in, how exactly are they going to turn him over to his parents? Seven tells him they found his parents, and says after she was assimilated she never saw her parents again. Except, obviously, for in Dark Frontier when she saw her Borg daddy. Icheb's not keen at getting home though.

Voyager reaches Icheb's home world, which is damaged from decades of Borg attacks. An away team beams down and meets Icheb's parents, who seem a nice couple of people, though their society seems a little simple. They return to Voyager with the parents and discuss how to help Icheb make the adjustment. Seven makes with trouble, cause she doesn't want Icheb to leave, and Janeway has to kick her out of the meeting. Janeway invites the parents to stay on board so he can get to know them, then goes and tells off Seven. Seven thinks their living on a planet right next to a Borg transwarp conduit is a bit dim.

Icheb has dinner with his parents. Or, er, attempts are made. Oh, look, he's actually sitting down and eating, and looking happy. Seven huffs out of the mess hall.

Icheb's dad give him a tour of the farming settlement. Seven beams down and they prepare a portable regeneration unit so he can stay on the planet that night. Seven asks his dad how Icheb was taken, and is told he was taken during a Borg attack.

Icheb bonds with his parents on the planet. Next day, back on Voyager, Icheb tells Seven he's decided to stay. Janeway and Seven say goodbye to Icheb and he beams down. Seven is saaaaaad.

One of the other kiddie Borg tells Seven she misses Icheb, and says she hopes they don't find her parents. She tells Seven Icheb was on a ship when he was assimilated - the only occupant. Seven investigates further and finds Icheb's father's story is full of holes.

Back on the planet, Icheb's parents discuss him - when he returns, they inject him with something and prepare to launch him into space. OMG! EVIL PARENTS!

Voyager returns with questions about Icheb. They find Icheb in a bait ship heading towards the transwarp conduit. The same one which killed the cube Voyager found.

Pursuit! They beam Icheb out as a Borg sphere comes through the conduit and grabs Voyager in a tractor beam. Seven beams some torpedoes onto the shuttle and warp out once the sphere sustains damage.

HoloDoc says Icheb is genetically bred to produce the anti-Borg pathogen. Later, Seven finds Icheb studying genetics in astrometrics. Seven tells him his parents are evil and he should hate them. Teh end.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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