Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Good Shepherd

Good Shepherd: Janeway takes three crewmembers on an away mission.

Wooo, nice zoom in to Voyager there. They're discussing some cluster they're coming up to. Now the writer seems obsessed with following a pad around. Aaaaaand another zoom out from Voyager.

... 'K

Seven submits a report on the various departments. Security is apparently functioning at peak efficiency. That explains the numerous security breaches they have, hmm? She singles out three crewmembers to complain about, too. Though Chakotay suggests relieving them of their duties, Janeway decides to take the trio on the away mission to look at the cluster.

Three crewmen are somewhat startled to get assignments to the away mission. The fellow who works at the bottom of the ship, Harren, is especially surprised and objects. The other two are Telfer (a hypochondriac) and Celes (who's astrometrics work was a bit sloppy). Torres, Paris and Neelix discuss giving Harren some encouragement, but he makes fun of Paris. Tsk. Meanwhile, Telfer thinks he's sick again.

Woo, the Flyer's nacelles were actually extended there. Celes is distressed that Janeway is double-checking her work. Harren behaves like a dick for a while, and Janeway insults his genetics(!), then rolls her eyes for a bit while he complains about the whole concept of space exploration. Then the Flyer is hit by something and damaged.

Damaged and drifting in space, they start transmitting a distress signal. They beam the damaged hull plating aboard to check out some theory Harren's come up with. Celes complains Seven is too harsh on her, and Janeway attempts a pep talk, unsuccessfully. Meanwhile, Telfer's hypochondria is interfering with him helping Harren.

Six hours later: the Flyer encounters... something. And Telfer disappears, then comes back and collapses. Something crawls under his skin. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww.

They can't get a transporter lock on the thing. Janeway suggests it's a dark matter creature (WTF?). Janeway tells Harren he should get some friends. They recieve a transmission which turns out to be an echo of their own SOS. The creature in Telfer starts steering him around, and Janeway phasers him.... then the creature jumps out and starts interfacing with the computer... Harren panics are phasers it. Janeway goes into Stern mode.

Janeway pilots the flyer into some planetary rings, and they attempt to restart the warp core. Telfer says his hypochondria is miraculously cured (OMG!). The invisible somethings come after the Flyer. Janeway orders the other three into escape pods so she can try Daring Plan #3, but they refuse... er, other than Harren, who jumps into the first pod.

Before Janeway can implement Daring Plan #3, Harren pilots his pod at the invisible thingees to give them an opportunity to get away. They beam him out and implement Daring Plan #3, which results in a shockwave which knocks everyone out.

Janeway recovers in sick bay, and looks sheepish. Teh end.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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