Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Live Fast and Prosper

Live Fast and Prosper: Three con-artists impersonate the Voyager crew, and rip off many people.

Some, er, alien miners meet with two people posing as Janeway and Tuvok. Remember everyone: ask for ID.

They know a lot about the real Voyager crew... hmmm... They cut a deal with a miners, then rip them off and leave orbit with all haste.

Meanwhile, on the real Voyager, Janeway has a sonic shower malfunction - Voyager is having problems. Janeway blames gremlins. Tuvok complains about Paris and Kim because someone's altered his holodeck program again, then Janeway shuts down the mess hall because there's a contaminant in the replicators. They track the problem to a faulty component which Neelix bought off the con artists, and the leader of the miners from the precredits sequence turns up and demands his dilithium.

When the miner mentions the orphaned children, Janeway draws a conclusion and has Neelix flashback at her. Gee, Tom's being a bit dense here. He can't spot a con that obvious?! Janeway talks the miner around, and they set about tracking the con artists - who are setting about ripping off another alien and inviting him to join the Federation.

Heh, Tom and Neelix agonise over how they were sucked in by the con artists. Neelix attempts the old three-cups-and-a-nut scam on the HoloDoc. Unfortunately he doesn't fall for it and Neelix gets three shifts in sickbay.

Voyager finds the con artists as they're under attack from one of their victims. The alien fires on Voyager, and in the ensuing battle, they manage to transport the Janeway-imposter into the brig - the others get away.

Heh, Janeway and Tuvok spin a yarn about some alien prison to try to get her to spill the beans on who she conned out of what. Neelix takes the prisoner food, and asks if she feels guilt. Why is the prisoner still wearing the Janeway wig? Then she hits him and nicks his phaser and escapes. In the Delta Flyer.

On the con-artists ship, the other two are arguing over what to do, when she turns up in the Flyer. Of course, Paris and the HoloDoc are hidden aboard the Flyer.

The three con-artists flee in their ship and retrieve their ill-gotten gains. Except the Janeway-imposter is HoloDoc in disguise. Tuvok assists in apprehending the other two con artists, and Voyager returns the stolen goods. For an encore, Neelix and Paris manage to stymie HoloDoc at the three-cups-and-a-nut scam. Teh End
Tags: star trek: voyager

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