Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Fury

Fury: An older, more annoyed Kes returns to Voyager so she can have her revenge!

Aaaaaaaaand here we are again. Janeway informs Tuvok in melodramatic terms that she's discovered today's his birthday. And presents him with a big blue cake. He blows out the candle because "it was a fire hazard". Then Kes appears in a ship and rams Voyager. Kes is back, and she's pissed off. And she's a lot older looking, because Ocampans have short lifespans.

Kes ambles on down to engineering, making a mess of the ship on the way, and touches the warp core. She draws power from it and kills Torres before disappearing and reappearing back in season 1.

Back in season 1, she disguises herself as her younger self and goes back to sickbay. Where the HoloDoc annoys her with his quest to select a name. She sods off midrant and knocks out and hides her former self.

Then it's off to the mess hall where Neelix hits on her and complains no one likes his food. Meanwhile, Janeway and Chakotay are reading up on the Vidiians when Kes brings in coffee. OMG, Ensign Wildman! Rare appearance by. Tuvok spots Kes leaving the bridge and looks perturbed.

They talk about preprogramming a course through some sort of area full of vacuals. Tuvok suggests sending the Delta Flyer ahead, and everyone goes WTF? cause it's still season 1. Tuvok looks even more perturbed.

Paris finds Kes in a shuttle plotting a couse back to Ocampa. He offers to help her learn to pilot a shuttle. Tuvok hallucinates Naomi Wildman, Seven and the kiddie Borg, and his perturbtion reaches extreme levels.

Kes returns to her quarters and finds a message from Neelix. After throwing things around a bit, she contacts the Vidiians and tells them she will send them tactical data on Voyager in return for safe passage to Ocampa.

Tuvok tells Janeway about his visions. (Is Tuvok time senstive? Or did he pick up future vibes off Kes? Or what?) Hooray for screwing up the time lines! Voyager starts through the field of vacuals, and Tuvok starts hallucinating again. Janeway checks with HoloDoc that Wildman is pregnant, while Tuvok experiences more hallucinations, leading him to engineering where he hallucinates Kes' wee time travelling. He collapses and is taken to sickbay, where Kes sabotages the treatment.

Janeway finds there was a surge of tachyon particles right before Tuvok collapsed and figures there's time travel involved. She initiates a full-ship tachyon scan, but then the Vidiians attack. With Kes' help, they overwhelm Voyager and start boarding.

Chakotay tracks the transmission to airphonics and detects the dual Keses. Janeway nips off to confront her. Kes telepath zaps her and tries to make her escape, but is cut off by the battle.

While Janeway and futureKes talk, Chakotay and Harry try to get Voyager loose from the Vidiian ship. Kes wants to take her previous self home cause she was unhappy with being a superbeing. My heart bleeds.

Voyager breaks loose and starts shooting the Vidiians, while Janeway is forced to kill FutureKes. Tuvok, now better, tells Janeway about what he saw in engineering. They talk to youngerKes and ask for her help.

Back in the future, Janeway presents Tuvok with a birthday cake again. They detect OldKes incoming. Janeway evacuates Engineering and shuts down the warp core. When Kes gets there, she finds a hologram of youngKes who tries to reason with her. Janeway and Tuvok go talk to her as well and, er, she remembers and is happy again. Then they transport her back to her ship, and she heads for Ocampa. Teh end.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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