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ST:V, The Haunting of Deck Twelve

The Haunting of Deck Twelve: When Voyager's main power is shut off, Neelix tells the Borg kids a ghost story.

I can tell from the title that this ep might be a bit naff...

Haunting, sinister music.... OMG, Neelix is COOKING! He turns the lights out, walks out the door and promptly bounces off Seven. Voyager is shutting the hell down and drifting into a nebula for some reason. The Borg kiddies come out of regeneration to find the power completely off, and Neelix their only company.

Gaseous anomolies were never Neelix's specialty apparently, which is ironic because his cooking causes a fair few. Zing! Oh, Neelix isn't that bad really.

The kiddie Borgs think deck twelve is haunted, because a particular section of it is off-limits to everyone but senior personel, but they ask Neelix to tell them what's up. He starts a flashback of possibly dubious accuracy.

In flashback, Voyager collects deuterium particles in a nebula. Neelix is a bit on-edge because of the nebula. Tuvok suggests curtains. But the nebula is destabilising, so they attempt to leave. THe ship is zapped on the way out, implanting a stowaway of some sort.

The kiddie Borg discuss what the stowaway might have been, before Neelix continues: Voyager starts experiencing malfunctions (seems like a running theme this season). Chakotay catches Janeway tolding to the ship again, then they realise Voyager appears to be going in circles - the navigational array is malfunctioning. Then the ship jumps to warp without Paris doing anything, and Chakotay ends up in a plunging turbolift.

Torres and Chakotay head off to fix gel packs on deck 13- Hey, there's Celes from Good Shepherd -and find there's nothing wrong with the gel packs. Seven becomes trapped in a cargobay with some nebula energy which zaps her.

The Voyager crew work to regain control od the ship. Paris is zapped, and then the atmosphere on the bridge starts voiding. In sick bay, they discuss what might be behind the problem... Kim tries to convince Celes that the rest of the crew hasn't been assimilated. In the mess hall, Neelix is freaking out, and Tuvok scares the spots off him.

Tuvok and Neelix crawl through jeffreys tubes to get to the command post Janeway has in Engineering (What? The whole crew is there?). Janeway starts communicating with the energy creature via the coms system, and she and Seven head for Astrometrics. They establish the life form wants to return to the nebula. Janeway turns the ship around and they find the nebula is gone. The lifeform freaks and turns the life support off.

Meanwhile, Tuvok is zapped, and Neelix goes into panic mode.

Janeway reasons with the energy creature unsuccessfully, and the crew abandons ship. Except Janeway who stays on board, and tries to argue with it some more. Eventually, it capitulates, and they store it on deck 12.

The flashback ends, and Voyager's power comes back on. Neelix tells them he made the whole story up, then returns to the bridge where they evidently just dropped the creature off. Teh End.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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