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ST:V, Unimatrix Zero (Part 1)

Hey, today's Seven of Nine day: the seventh of the ninth month of the year.

... I'll get me coat.

Unimatrix Zero (Part 1): The Borg queen discovers some of the drones are playing a MMORPG on company time and sets about tracking them down.

Y'know what we never seem to see any of? Borg planets. We see lots of Borg hanging around on spaceships, but not on actual planets. But we know from First Contact that they take over planets.

Aaaaanyway, the Borg queen informs a Borg that it has a disease, and asks for the interlink frequency. When he doesn't know what she's talking about, she orders him dismantelled. Ah, the Borg Collective: The caring approach.

Seven wanders through a sort of foresty place and runs into people, one of whom recognises her. Then she wakes up. HoloDoc says she had a dream. Yay.

Paris arrives on the bridge and discovers a present: his repromotion to lieutenant. His performance over the last year has been exemplary. Except, of course, for hogging the holodeck, creating a holoprogram which decimated an alien race, and that time when he sabotaged Voyager and almost got himself killed, all since his demotion. Kim pipes up about his non-promotion. Which is a good point, since the worse he's done since Tom's demotion is shag an alien.

Voyager receives a signal from an asteroid and sets out to investigate - they find a wrecked colony, wiped out by the Borg. Janeway is pissed.

Seven regenerates again, turning into Tom Bakerfinding herself in the same forest. The chap from before, Axum, tells her she's in unimatrix zero, the MMORPG some of the Borg play while regenerating. They come across a young boy who was just assimilated, and they go looking for other children. That's a pretty good frame-rate they've got going there. Axum tells Seven the Borg Queen is tracking down the other game players. They've designed a nanovirus to mask the mutation which allows them to play the game, but need Seven to release it, cause they don't remember playing the game when they wake up.

The Borg Queen works on trying to find out the frequency.

Axum argues with a Klingon over whether they can trust Seven. Then there's a woman who was assimilated at Wolf 359. Because the Borg Cube that was there was blown up, so that makes heaps of sense. Then Axum disappears because he wakes up.

Seven talks to the crew about infiltrating a cube to release the virus. Tuvok says he can mind meld with Janeway and Seven so Janeway can play the MMORPG too. In Unimatrix Zero, they go to find Axum. Meanwhile, the Borg Queen has isolated the frequency and sets about arranging a visit.

Janeway talks to Axum about finding a way to carry their individuality back to the waking world. They're interrupted by the Borg invading the MMORPG and zapping people to locate where they are physically. Janeway assists in fighting them off, and the Borg Queen recognises her.

Later, Janeway tells Chakotay she aims to give the MMORPG players a way to keep their individuality in the real world. They develop a virus and work on a way to deploy it, but the only Borg vessel in range is a highly-armed tactical cube. Seven returns to Unimatrix Zero and tells Axum what they're planning. they're in a pitched battle with the drones using Klingon weapons. Seven also realises she and Axum were more than friends when she was in the collective. She gets pissy and wakes up again.

They work on a plan to infiltrate the cube. But before they can do anything, the Borg Queen calls long distance and offers to exchange transwarp tech for butting out of Borg business. Janeway tells her to go assimilate herself, and she ends the call, cryptically, with "See you soon, Harry." What? Some sort of veiled threat?

Janeway does the "I'm going out now. I may be some time." speech, and goes off to jump into the Flyer with Tuvok and Torres. Seven returned to the MMORPG and lets everyone know what's going on. And also tells Axum their previous relationship is null and void.

Voyager attacks the tactical cube, which has extra hull plating to make it look bad-ass, while the Flyer attempts to sneak up. The Flyer is destroyed, but Janeway and co manage to beam on board the cube. Though Voyager is taking a pounding, they keep pressing the attack so they'll be in range to beam the trio out. Unfortunately the trio are caught. Voyager legs it, and the last shot is of the assimilated Janeway, Tuvok and Torres. Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun! To be continued.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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